FS yomega,yyj,yyf,duncan,one drops

okay so here is most of my collection becuase i have yoyos coming in the mail and i dont use most of these so here it is

okay we will go from worst to best  well 80 bucks would take em all except the protostar

duncan mosquitos modded-7 bucks takes em both
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now is the duncan FHZ-10 bucks for this one smooth but idont like dunan
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now is the duncan hyabusa-13 bucks shipped
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now is the yomega fire ball-3 bucks plus shipping id throw this in if you bought two yoys from me id give it to you

now is the yyj xconvict was siliconed but i removed it and now its just o rings-20 bucks

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now is the yyf protostar wich i love but if i get a good offer id let it go since it only has one scratch on it itll go for 30 bcuks and mabey a counter wieght
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now for my fav and that would be the dingo and that would be 33 bucks

so here are my wants i would trade:
kyo dns
more protostars i want the yellow and gray one
cream would take all of em
and thats it well offer just no yyj unless the jamboo

What kinds of mods on the mosquitos?

you didnt include dingo

FHZ-10 bucks shipped?

no youd have to thgrow in 2 bucks and ill pay the rest of priority but yeah so it should be 12 bucks shipped if you want it pm me

im interested in that protostar would you accept money order or paypal?