My best yoyos for sale, Just lowered the Prices!!!!!!!!! VERY CHEAP PRICES!!!!!!

for the yoyos that you buy add an extra 3.5 dollars on for shipping

No trades please

don’t be afraid to make offers.

I do you paypal

Got 2 protostars 1 red and 1 blue 20 each

Got a blue shinwoo griffin 12

hayabusa SL orange and white 10

loop 900s 45 yellow from worlds 2010 have two keys one black and one white. Just tried them out work good as new. can easily get 40 with each hand

Pair of Speedles 10 yellow and clear and yellow and purple

yoyofactory Lunatic 40 it came with a few scratches on one side. aqua and blue. I would like for it to be 40 with 3.5 for shipping so stop asking for it to be 35 shipped. ok i will not accept that offer!!

also have a modded purple journey, satined 5

and 3 unmodded FHZ 5 each

Also have a contest poster of Duncan I got At MER 2010 1 dollar

A green yoyojam Black night 15

A white Yomega hotshot 10

A pink and Blue pocket change 5

i pm’ed you.

drool pm’d