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DONE SELLING FOR NOW (finals at university and then some family/work stuff) lock pls

Unlucky life events caused me to drain my emergency fund, and now I gotta get some stability back. Lots of fun stuff in here.

Places to contact me: reddit at u/fradiger, here on YYE, or discord at fradiger#1487

I’m open to price negotiation on some of the older yoyos, newer stuff and more popular yoyos I’m trying to fetch list prices. this. I’m not open to trades at the moment, sorry. If you spend >$30 your shipping is free, otherwise it’s $5. I can ship internationally but you’ll probably end up paying $10-15 for it (since it usually costs $15-20 to most regions).

Conditions listed as mint means the yoyo has no visible damage. If you’re curious about vibe on anything let me know.

Pictures are pretty broad but if you’d like detailed pictures of a yoyo please shoot me a PM. The order corresponds to the order of the listings below, (left to right, top to bottom). It’s split up into the sections below (yoyofactory, misc, then one drop/yoyorec/yoyofriends).



Brand Name Condition Price Sold
Yoyofactory Titanium Shutter BGRADE Mint, 8/10 smooth (minor fingernail vibe) $150
Yoyofactory Titanium Dream BGRADE Well Loved $90
Yoyofactory BiND Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory BiND BGRADE Very smooth! SOLD
Yoyofactory Pragma Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Singularity Mint $45
Yoyofactory Boost Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Edge Half Swap Mint $45
Yoyofactory Turntable 2 Mint $40
Yoyofactory Shutter WideAngle Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Space Cadet Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Kui Bgrade Mint, one light flickers when spin slows down $30
Yoyofactory ND Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Shutter (galaxy) Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Shutter WideAngle (bimetal styling) Has scratches on both sides SOLD
Yoyofactory Shutter BGRADE (solid red) Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory MVP Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Loop 1080 Pair Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Metal Arrow 2019 WYYC Mint $20
Yoyofactory Onestar Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Glow Arrow Mint $15
Yoyofactory Overthrow BGRADE Mint $15
Yoyofactory Marco BGRADE Not that vibey. SOLD
Yoyofactory ?? ?? SOLD
Yoyofactory Delrin Wedge BGRADE Minor Vibe SOLD
Yoyofactory Metal Replay BGRADE Mint $10
Yoyofactory Replay Pro Japan 2015 WYYC Mint SOLD
Yoyofactory Random BGRADE?? ?? SOLD
Yoyofactory NineDragons BGRADE Vibey. $10
Yoyofactory Nightmare TRASH GRADE Has significant vibe, still playable but probably a collector piece. SOLD


Brand Name Condition Price Sold
2Sickyoyos Endgame Mint SOLD
2Sickyoyos Grandmaster Mint $90
Amplified Return Tops Woofa+ Mint $50
Amplified Return Tops AdLib Proto Mint $50
Amplified Return Tops Juke Mint $35
Bread n Butter Co Flying Dutchman Mint SOLD
C3YoyoDesign Astrea Mint $70
CircleCityYoyos Hero Mint $40
CircleCityYoyos Muse Mint, smoothest yoyo I’ve ever seen $35
CLYW Bear Trap Mint SOLD
CLYW Manatee BGRADE Has visible damage but dead smooth $55
CLYW Compass BGRADE Mint $50
Duncan Counterpunch Mint SOLD
ExoticThrows Salamander Mint $60
G2 Yoyos AL7 Banshee 2018 Mint SOLD
G2 Yoyos Titanium Banshee - Blasted Mint SOLD
G2 Yoyos X A-RT Life Mint SOLD
GoodLifeYoyos Breeze Mint $100
Magicyoyo Aurora Lights flicker a bit $20
Magicyoyo Variant Mint $15
OhYesYo Freq.mod Mint $70
RainCitySkills Metalhead Mint SOLD
Recess First Base NM SOLD
SFYoyos Statement Mint SOLD
SFYoyos SF Has one surface scratch but 10/10 smooth $50
SpinDynamics Flow Mint $20
Static Co Sudo Mint with patch SOLD
UNPRLD Recognition Mint - Half Swapped (minor vibe) $35
UNPRLD Flash Mint $75
UNPRLD Flashback Mint SOLD
UNPRLD Abuduction Mint $30
UNPRLD Reduction Mint $35
Unspoken Murmur Mint $55
Unspoken Apollo Has minor scuffing SOLD
Unspoken Apollo Has two minor dings $55
Unspoken X Zipline Strings Honey Badger BGRADE Mint $40
Winging It Yoyos Buster - Hand painted by coffin Mint $65
Yomega Modded 2A Raider pair NM, needs tuning probably SOLD

One drop + Yoyofriends + Yoyorecreation

Brand Name Condition Price Sold
One Drop Valor One scratch, breaks ano $60
One Drop Virtuoso Mint $60
One Drop Quntosh5000QV Mint $80
One Drop MMC - pyramatte finish Mint SOLD
One Drop Dang 2 Some scratches, still 10/10 smooth $60
One Drop VTWO Mint SOLD
One Drop Legendary Terrarian Mint $70
One Drop Overture Mint $45
One Drop Yelets Ding on one side $40
One Drop x MonkeyFinger Fire Devil Mint in box SOLD
Yoyofriends Sync Mint SOLD
Yoyorecreation Helvetica Mint but has minor vibe $30
Yoyorecreation Futura Mint SOLD
Yoyorecreation Inevitable Bgrade Bgrade for ano flaw, dead smooth SOLD
Yoyorecreation Almighty BGRADE Mint, minor vibe and an ano flaw SOLD
Yoyorecreation POM Draupnir Mint SOLD
Yoyorecreation Rebellion Butcher Mint $25
Yoyorecreation Rebellion Invaders Must Die Mint $60
Yoyorecreation Rebellion Acro Mint $30
Yoyorecreation Rebellion Start the Riot Mint SOLD
Yoyorecreation Rebellion Start the Riot Mint SOLD

What colorway is the SF Statement

It’s light pink with silver rings.

What color is the Kuntosh 5000QV?

Click the link that says pictures


Oh my, I do not need this right now stop


yea but i do :slight_smile:


The DK and my wallet are arguing rn


buy it

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Buy the DK so I don’t have to. I’ve been wanting one and this is just bad timing. But $50 says it’s good timing.


How bad is the nine dragons vibe

it makes an awful noise when throwing it and shakes like crazy when you grip a cap

i would say it’s quite bad


Do you think it’s tuneable

I’d have no idea, sorry.

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Ok thanks

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I can pretty much guarantee you aren’t gonna tune a b grade nine dragons. Just be in awe of the dragons roar!


It scares my cats so I must get rid of it.




BiND still for sale? Condition ?

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