LF: Japanese yoyos, FS/T: Auldey, G^2, OD, ST, SP, TP, YYM, YYR, etc. (11/4)

Shai Hulud’s Glorious B/S/T–Updated 11/4

[tr][td]Really Want

$$$ CASH MONEY $$$
Japan Technology Eagle Eye
Japan Technology Ultimate Eagle -S*
KYS Rapid
sOMEThING Anglam (pink/black**)
sOMEThING Anglam CC 2014
sOMEThING Anglam 7075
Sturm Panzer LM-Schneider***
Sturm Panzer Schneider
Turning Point Leviathan 4 Light*
Turning Point Leviathan 4*
Turning Point Isotope
Turning Point Isotope 3 Proto
Turning Point Palpitation
VsNewton TiWalker*
YoYoJoker DoubleJoker (Nickel)
YOYO Laboratory Elan*
yoyomonster Checkmate 7075
Yoyorecreation Attune–(Rainbow)
Yoyorecreation Dazzler*
Yoyorecreation Draupnir (blue**)
Yoyorecreation Lasers
Yoyorecreation Sleipnir (Benson Fok)[/td]
[td]Somewhat Want

C3yoyodesign Dymension
C3yoyodesign Gungnir
C3yoyodesign Krown*
C3yoyodesign P-Wave
Duncan Skyhawk
Japan Technology Another Eagle +S
OneDrop Valor (lavender)
sOMEThING Crazy D (Crazy-Nama*)
sOMEThING Phaser
Turning Point Basilisk*
Turning Point Basilisk Light*
Werrd Irony JP
YoYoJoker Double Joker (new)
YoYoJoker Exceed
YoYoJoker Trancer
YOYO Laboratory Style
Yoyomonster Checkmate*
Yoyorecreation Attune
Yoyorecreation e=mc
Yoyorecreation Mr. Butcher
Yoyorecreation Sleipnir (horsey*)
Yoyorecreation Z-On
Yoyorecreation (any nice splash)[/td]
[td]May Accept

Anything with resale value*
Bi-metals not mentioned*
General Yo
Japan Technology
Titanium not mentioned
Turning Point*
Yoyojam Phenom
Yoyojam Phenom Ti
Yoyojam Rextreme 2

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, I only want MINT YO-YOS or MONEY. I MAY accept near-mint if damage is minimal. Yo-yos with asterisks indicate I want them more than others within that group. The “May Accept” column is for trades. Please don’t solicit me to buy random CLYW.

And here’s what I have to trade. PM me on all offers/inquiries. More pictures available on my Flickr–just click an image to find them. Read the description adjacent to each yo-yo for its condition and a description of how willing I am to sell/trade the yo-yo.

In addition to the stuff listed below I have TONS OF EXTRAS I can offer if it will tip the balance for a deal: 1000+ strings from a wide variety of manufacturers, 100+ bearings, etc.

[tr][td][b][u]What I Got[/u][/b]


$$$ CASH MONEY $$$ [/td][td]In general I would rather BUY yo-yos than TRADE, though to clarify, this applies mostly if you have something I really want. E.g., I won’t buy a CLYW but may accept one in trade. In order, I prefer paypal, money orders, then cash.
[tr][td]https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3863/14493663147_3dc923e9dd_h.jpg [/td][td]

Adegleyoyos! Accel: MWB.

This is a fantastic yo-yo for the price. Smooth, spins forever, and plays fairly similarly to the Ares Star. Please note the anodization on these is imperfect, especially around the rims and in the striations circumscribing the axle. It’s noticeable under bright light (like a camera flash) but under regular light the yo-yo looks fantastic, and the coating still feels smooth. I’m in no hurry to sell this but am not that attached to it either. Looking for around $90 shipped or best offer
[tr][td]https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3894/14423779695_817c3cc377_o.jpg [/td][td]

Auldey Ares Star: MWB.

This yo-yo is dead smooth and a great player. I’d like to keep it but am willing to trade for a good offer.
[tr][td]https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3913/15043522536_e2e950b2cb_o.jpg [/td][td]

Auldey Equilibrium: MWB.

Markus Koh’s third signature yo-yo is easily the best yet, essentially an Ares Star 2.0 with a better hub and weight distribution. Still dead smooth. I just got this so I’m not looking to get rid of it but I’m always open to favorable offers.
[tr][td]https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5552/15065912302_198e2f5250_o.jpg [/td][td]

Auldey Magnum: NMWB

Markus Koh’s second signature yo-yo is also dead smooth, despite weighing 70 grams. There is one scuff so small it’s hard to picture. Box is cracked but signed by MK. This is a great yo-yo but I prefer the Equilibrium so I’m willing to sell/trade for around $90 shipped.
[tr][td]https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5615/15540314702_2330112a68_h.jpg [/td][td]


This is the world record sleeper yoyo (30+ minutes) and weighs over 200 grams, so it’s not well-suited for every-day play though you CAN do 1A with it. I bought it as a collector’s piece so I’m not looking to sell/trade it unless someone has something I really want or is willing to pay over retail.
[tr][td]https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5574/15096175808_e8fe6f8ff7_h.jpg [/td][td]

C3 Level 6: Near mint.

Plays really well even in comparison to more expensive throws. It was shipped to me in halves with zero padding resulting in several minor dings around the rim. You can see them in my photostream. I’d sell/trade this as part of a package deal, valuing it around $25.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3946/15515747766_92ca250d66_h.jpg [/td][td]

Gsquared Aftershock: Mint

Along with the Valor I think this is one of the best North American yo-yos available. I’m not looking to sell it but would let it go for $80 shipped
https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5032/14422484392_9aa0d54ac5_o.jpg [/td][td]

Hspin Pyro Red/Orange: Cosmetic damage (have original canister)

There are a couple pinpricks and small scuffs as well as ano rub from thumb grinds. Doesn’t affect play, still smooth. Click on image to see damage. Looking for $50 shipped or best offer
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3935/15539428315_e678725921_h.jpg [/td][td]

OneDrop Valor: MWB

Ridiculously smooth and easily one of the best North American throws available. I’d like to trade it for a lavender version or sell for $90 shipped.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3947/15540219212_e2e0c8c49e_h.jpg [/td][td]


Smoothest offstring yo-yo I’ve ever played and probably my favorite. This is the new version.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3893/14558926039_39e2e50c6c_o.jpg [/td][td]


This yo-yo is incredible! Not looking to sell it but I might take trades heavily in my favor, or if you have something on my “really want” list of similar value.
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2935/14150736327_83fb68b486_o.jpg [/td][td]

Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre Luna and Ray: Luna is MIB and Ray is MWB.

Luna has never been thrown. Both are mint though. I would like to keep these but am willing to sell/trade one or both for a particularly good offer.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3861/14150728987_5326a83471_o.jpg [/td][td]

Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MK II (2014): MWB.

This is the 59.7g version. Dead smooth. I love this yo-yo and am not looking to sell/trade but may for a great offer.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3838/14237199347_5f62881a10_o.jpg [/td][td]

Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MK II (2013): MWB.

This is the 62.7g version. Dead smooth. I love this yo-yo and am not looking to sell/trade but may for a great offer.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3939/15515854226_32b25ca725_h.jpg [/td][td]

Sturm Panzer Schneider Laser Blade Attack Mode (A grade): MWB.

Interesting but odd yo-yo that plays pretty well despite its bizarre design. As a rabid Sturm Panzer fan I’m not getting rid of this unless you’ve got something I REALLY want or are willing to trade/pay way in my favor.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3888/14535150797_efb1fc62c3_o.jpg [/td][td]

Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre: MWB.

Very similar to the Eclipse Ogre but a little heavier, wider, and shorter. It’s also out of production and hard to find mint. I will sell/trade only if the offer is way in my favor.
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2919/14422474012_52663cd4c3_o.jpg [/td][td]

Turning Point Isotope 2: MWP.

One of the smoothest and best-performing yo-yos I have ever touched. I do NOT want to sell/trade this except for a ridiculous offer.
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2909/14422628934_9a2076882c_o.jpg [/td][td]

Turning Point Leviathan 5 (purple/green acid): MWP.

Dead smooth. I am looking to sell exactly one Leviathan 5. I’d want more for this one than the pink one because it’s such a sick colorway.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3882/15066960875_edabe0d2a4_o.jpg [/td][td]

Turning Point Palpitation: MWP.

Dead smooth. Super stable. Ridiculous spin times. The sequel to the Isotope 2. I’m not looking to move this unless the offer is way in my favor or you’ve got something rare that I’m looking for. I’ll probably ignore offers less than $300.
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2915/14237161260_dc7c1864f0_o.jpg [/td][td]

Turning Point Prominence: MWB.

Dead smooth. I am not looking to get rid of this but am willing for a good offer.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3863/14678822727_3c7de8b327_o.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyofactory Jonrob Supernova (7075): Cosmetic damage.

Rare Jonrob 7075 Supernova, probably the coolest splash YYF has ever done. It is far from mint, with numerous rim scuffs, but the damage is only cosmetic. It plays fantastic. I traded for this as a carry yo-yo so I’m not looking to sell/trade though I am willing for $70 shipped or best offer
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3842/14872049672_9aa36ab77c_o.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyofactory Loop 1080 x 2: NMWB (yo-yos are mint, but RW one has scratch on sticker)

I originally bought two of the RW versions then “lent” one to a friend who is evidently never giving it back. Now I have a mismatched set. I can add one or both to trades if needed. They’re not really worth selling on their own unless you’re willing to pay retail.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3956/15536641771_e1358a411e_h.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyofactory Pulsar Genesis: MWB

2014 bi-metal Genesis. I like this for my collection but I’m willing to sell/trade for a good price, probably around retail.
https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5562/15073958847_d7197258cb_h.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyofactory Pulsar Space Cowboy: MWB

Really nice bi-metal…just got it and not really looking to sell it but I’m not that attached since they’re easy to find. I’m open to trades of equal value (assuming I actually want what you have).
https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5603/14918557954_d862d16a72_h.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyojam Next Level: Near mint.

Fantastic bi-metal for 1A or 5A. There’s one small flatspot, otherwise mint. Will sell for $70
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2935/14237304587_3cf6758321_o.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyojam Rextreme 3 Prototype: MWB.

This is a >100g 4A yo-yo with brass weight rings. Very interesting. I’ll sell/trade only if it’s in my favor since these are hard to find now.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3885/14534914128_d1fe27b80a_o.jpg [/td][td]

YoyoJoker Luminous: Mint

I haven’t played this much as I just got it. It’s a really smooth Japanese yo-yo that retails at $170. Looking for around $130 shipped or best offer
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3843/14685909087_4cef7b0c5b_o.jpg[ [/td][td]

YoyoJoker Xrossroads: MWC (NOT outlet version)

This yo-yo has only been played a couple hours so it’s practically new. It’s really smooth and a fantastic 3A or 5A yo-yo. I like it a lot so I’m fine sitting on it until I find the right buyer. I’ll let it go around $100 shipped
https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5495/14412622098_eb5b85bb00_o.jpg [/td][td]

yoyomonster Agonist Prototype: Some cosmetic damage + vibe.

I knocked out and incorrectly reattached one of the rings so there’s some vibe unless it gets fixed. $100 shipped or best offer
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3842/14597300024_ee9fddfa52_o.jpg [/td][td]

yoyomonster Agonist: MWB.

Dead smooth. My favorite yo-yo overall. I do NOT want to sell/trade this except for a ridiculous offer.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3858/14412805527_5513bfc994_o.jpg [/td][td]

yoyomonster Antagonist: MWB.

Minor vibe (came that way) but still plays well. Looking for $55 shipped or best offer
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3886/14618860463_9def886337_o.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyorecreation Diffusion 2 x 2: MWB.

I bought these as a 3A set. They play incredibly well for plastics. I’d prefer to keep these but am willing to trade one or both. However, I’d want retail prices or trades for them since I’d just order more.
https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3870/14879636726_948a273a3e_o.jpg [/td][td]

Yoyorecreation Laser: MWB.

I had the yo-yo made purple with a powder coat. Now it grinds like a beast and looks incredible to boot. Offer big if you want it.
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2921/14632661502_11f201d6c6_o.jpg [/td][td]

Fat, lazy kitty: MWB.

Rare ragdoll cat. He will flop down wherever you’re practicing and attempt to get hit by your yoyo, in addition to getting fur in your bearings. Luckily, he’s quite a collector’s item: $100,000.


Updated 7/23

Added Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre
Added YYF DoomsDay Genesis
Added YYJoker Luminous
Added YYR e=mc
Added YYR Gleipnir

Updated 7/25

Added sOMETHING Phaser

Updated 7/30

Added CLYW AC2 Bushman

Would you trade Luna for a Leviathan 5?

Did u recieve my messages?

Updated 8/28

Traded YYR Draupnir
Added Auldey Magnum
Added Auldey Equilibrium
Added sOMEThING Anglam CC New
Added Turning Point Palpitation
Added YYR E=mc
Added YYR Laser (purple)

Note to forum members: please PM me with offers/questions rather than posting in the thread. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll trade you a Dollar Tree yoyo for the cat.

Updated 9/11:

Added Eternal Throw: Elysian 1/1 Purple with Stripes colorway

Updated 9/18

Added Anti-Yo Viszilla
Added CLYW Engraved Snowday Gnarwhal 2
Added CLYW Northern Lights Wooly Marmot 2
Added YYF Space Cowboy Pulsar Edition

Traded YYR e=mc
Sold YYR Draupnir

Updated 9/23

Added info regarding the Ministar.

still have the level 6?

Updated 10/14

Added C3 BTH
Added G Aftershock
Added OneDrop Valor
Added sOMEThING Pulsar Genesis
Added Sturm Panzer Schneider Laser Blade Attack Mode
Added Turning Point Leviathan 5 (Pink)
Added Yoyojam Next Level

Removed Eternal Throw Elysian (sold)
Removed General Yo x OneDrop Ministar (sold)
Removed Yoyofactory DD Genesis (traded)

Updated 10/16

Made the formatting more awesome

Updated 10/27

Altered some prices.

Which sleeps longer, the C3 BTH, or the cat? ::slight_smile:

Updated 11/1

Sold GeneralYo Amplitude
Sold YoyoOfficer Gravity


I haven’t timed him but I think the cat has the real world record. He can sleep up to 12 hours! No throw required! Incredible!

Updated 11/4

Sold sOMEThING Anglam CC 2014