Nicholi's BST: UPDATE 6/22 Arctic Circle! X3, OD, YYF, CLYW, SPYY L/F: DYNAMO!

I have 13 positive feedback on YYN for a total of 62 positive feedback.

Hey guys, This is my BST. I hope you are able to find something you like and we can work out a deal. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A couple things to note:

  1. I do not use paypal, it’s just a matter of inconvenience for me. I need cash to pay my bills and buy groceries, paypal can’t do that for me. SO if you wish to buy from me, you must be prepared to either:

A) Send a USPS money order via priority mail.

or B) Send me money via Walmart money transfer (moneygram), or Western Union money transfer.
Both methods are safe and traceable, so no worries :slight_smile: If you have a problem with that, buy from someone else.

2)If you have less feedback than me you will ship first. unless we work out some other kind of agreement.

  1. Iam a pretty open and flexible guy, i will work with you (within reason of course) I will not flip out if you decide to back out, though it is pretty inconsiderate to leave a person waiting for weeks only to just back out. If you are having misgivings about the trade, just tell me.


  3. I DO NOT want:
    Hubstacked yoyos
    Modded yoyos (including satin, polished and custom painted yoyos)
    Any yoyos that don’t use C size bearings (with the exception of some ILYY’s)
    Micro yoyos
    Bi-metal yoyos
    Beat yoyos, minimal damage is okay though.
    lowball offers don’t do it.

If all these things are acceptable to you theeeennnnn… Here we go!

Must be mint or very near! I’m not interested in beat throws.


I REALLY NEED MARKMONT DRAGON STRING!!! If you have any i will trade VERY WELL for it. Even if it’s just like five of them.

The rest of my wants list.

One drop

GZR 54!!!
GZR Code 2!!
Special colorway DANG
Citrus fade Code 2


New run Marmot
28 stories Avalanche **must be mint or very near!
CHIEF!!! Lighter versions, ANY colorway.

Ten Yoyos


2010 Severe


OG Punchline, I really want a Black w/gold splash one.


String theory

Turning point
Leviathan 2 or 3

SKYWALKER!!** not Ti-walker second or third run preferably

SLEIPNER!** Would trade ALOT for one of these!

String (from most desirable to least)

Markmont dragon string*** I always want more of this!


Anyways, on to the Throws!

From left to right, top to bottom.

1) Arctic Circle 2) Chief 3) Avalanche 4) John Bot Sasquatch 5) Alex Berenguel Sasquatch 6) Fade to Jade Code 1 7) Code 2 8) Cobalt Burnside 9) OG 54 10) Project 2 11) La Goulette 12) Punchline Repeater 13) Super G 14 Here We Yo Supernova 15) 2012 Genesis 16 DV888 17 Neon Protostar



YYF DV888 has some scratches and a cluster of pinpricks, plays great! 2010 edition, Red. Goodtimes. Comes with box and matching string 38$

YYF Neon Protostar Neon orange. Plays amazingly, with no pulse vibe whatsoever. It is absolutely mint, with the box. A friend bought it for me for my birthday, so i probably won’t trade it but you can OFFER

[b]YYF Super G/b] Acid wash blue. Has a little bit of damage, pictured in the bottom picture. Nothing too serious. It plays nice and smooth. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this throw. It was ALOT better than i thought it would be. AMAZINGLY player. Easily in the top 3 best YYFs to date IMO. Insane competition performer. 71$

2012 YYF Genesis Perfectly mint. 2012 red/silver splash edition. Holy crap this thing is smooth, my second smoothest throw for sure. They tweaked the design just a little bit with this version, i swear it plays better. 91$

2011 Here we yo Supernova AMAZING YOYO! This one was released in 2011 and is made of 7075 aluminum. Perfectly smooth, and looks amazing while spinning. It has one small scratch on the rim (pictured). Remember, it retails for 139.00 so offer accordingly. [b]126[/b]

Damage on left rim.

And just for giggles…


SPYY Punchline repeater MIB, black/green acid wash. I hate to say it, but this thing plays ALOT better than the OG punchline (and i was a fan). Really stable and grinds amazingly. Has a mark on the outside of the rim, and a TINY flatspot. Comes with box. 91$


X-CUBE La goulette Blasted blue. Very very near mint. Has a couple very small scratches on the outside of the rim, and a pinprick in the catch zone. Very minimal. This thing is AMAZING. Now i know why it was so hard to get one. Stable, insanely smooth, and grinds better than anything i’ve tried. Will take a hefty offer to get it. Comes with tube. OFFER


One drop Code 1 Fade to jade. Very special to me. I traded for it from David at One drop the first time i visited the shop. Has alot of sentimental value, and very very rare. 1/12 i think. Has a couple small spots of damage, (pictured) nothing bad at all. Amazing player. Classic. Comes with original box. offer


One drop Code 2 This is of a very VERY limited pre production run. I got it at the beginning of february from David and Shawn before they were released. Very very precious to me. The ONLY engraved Pre-pro one that exists. 1/1. Plays smooth, like a code 2. One of the best competition throws out there in my opinion. OFFER

***One drop BurnsideMint, its the Cobalt splash colorway. This colorway looks AMAZING in person. Rediculously smooth Like all One drops. Plays like a Genesis on steroids. Offer well!

****One Drop 54 Black. MY all time fave. This is the ORIGINAL version with the old logo. Sadly it’s not mint anymore, has a series of verysmall pinpricks. comes with box and ten ball. Very smooth. Offer well!

One drop Project 2 half red/half yellow. MINT. Now i see why people are such big fans of the P1 and P2. This thing is great. Super stable, smooth, and semi-floaty. Great player. Very hard to come by a MINT one. Anything you see in the pictures is dust. 100$


Do NOT offer on these unless it’s something high on my wants list.

CLYW Sasquatch Green w/ pink speckles, and very VERY near mint. It’s Alex Berenguel edition and of one of the first runs i believe. Its gorgeous. The Sasquatch has got to be my favorite CLYW of all time. I have two. lol. Has two TINY scuffs that were almost impossible to picture. They are so small that you wouldn’t know they were there unless i told you, can’t be felt. Comes with the box. Offer VERY well!

Damage on left rim.

CLYW Sasquatch John bot edition. Has a few marks, nothing big at all. My very first Caribou so it will be hard to get. Plays amazingly. Like a CLYW. Comes with the original box. Offer insanely well.

CLYW Avalache Gold nugget colorway and very near mint. Has a tiny scuff on each rim that is not feelable and doesn’t break the ano. Very amazing Ava, i’ve had four and this one is the smoothest and best playing. Colorway is amazing in the sunlight. Offer VERY well

CLYW Chief Dandelion edition.! I absolutely LOVE this yoyo. It’s in perfectly mint condition and plays amazingly, like only Chiefs do. DO NOT offer on this unless your offering either an Arctic Circle or another Chief. Has a couple small scuffs, nothing major. Comes with box. OFFER

And now, what you all came to see!!


CLYW Arctic Circle Absolutely mint in box. Yogi edition. This thing is AWESOME. It plays like NOTHING i have tried before. I would say, Fast and Solid, would be the two verbs i would choose. It is smaller in the hand, a real departure from the Chief/ava/Sass era, and just flies along the string. Longer sleep times than the Chief for sure as well. It definetely gives the Chief a run for it’s money. It’s lived up to it’s hype, for me at least, and it’s nice to see a competitive yoyo that’s a little smaller in diameter as well. I paid ALOT for this so its going to take a SERIOUS offer to get it from me. 205$ MAYBE

And just for fun…

Bought Wooly Marmot from mikeyrocks
Traded Dna to Slade Riggs
Traded Yuuksta and Dash to Mcfiggety123
Traded Marmot to Yohoyoyo
Traded Campfire to Bigkat
Traded BVM to Swatnoodle
Traded OD 54 to Plank4god
Traded Protostar to Sladeriggs
Traded Torrent 2 to Jeteyenight
Traded Marmot to plank4god
Traded Sass to Sladeriggs
Traded Addiction to Carl
Traded Cafe and DM2 to Moefv
Traded Superstar and Dietz to Doctor B
Traded Ava to RDZ
Traded Silver/blue genesis to Toastedyoyos
Traded Peak to Gustyo
Traded 888x to YOYORAID
Traded Falcon to Decahedron
Traded Revenger to Bigkat
Traded Pro to Redeleon975
Traded Sasquatch to Da5id
Traded Yfactor and 888x to yoyomaster1000
Traded Gnar and Sass for gold nugget Chief to Yoyomaster1000
Traded 54 and speedfreak to LYO
Sold FG Ava and Code 1 to Flyingwaffles
Traded Burnside and PGM for Catalyst RobbieG
Traded Brass and aluminum spikes for String to Magicman
Traded TT to Dingo54 for Protostar
Traded Severe and Catalyst to Tonysauce for Gnarwhal
Traded Code 2 for Severe and Gnarwhal from SladeRiggs
Traded G5, proto, Gnarwhal, for Beserker to Caphill
Traded Canvas to JAZZYO for Code 2
Traded Genesis and Dietz for Solaris to Mls5stokes
Traded Solaris for Avant Garde to magicman21
Traded Punchline for Nickel Dietz
Traded bape Code 2 for Burning ember code 2 to yoyoavanger
Traded Avant garde for Punchline repeater to beatrice
Traded Beserker for P2 and Albatross to AWHIT
Sold Markmont Next to throwrw
Sold Dang to Studio42
Traded Avalanche for La goulette to Decahedron
Traded Gnarwhal for Supernova to Squeezles
Traded BE Code 2 and Nickel Dietz for Sasquatch and Superstar to Plank4god
Traded Albatross to Rdeleon for Avalanche
Traded gold nugget Chief for Dandelion Chief to theryanface
Traded Superstar for Super G to Mikers
Bought Arctic Circle from Caphill

Thanks for lookin!!

hi, i was wondering how much you wanted for your jon bot sasquatch and how much you want for your gold nugget avalanche. i am pretty new to trading and i don’t know the retail of these editions. also I’m not that great at offering, so i was just wondering the price that you had in mind. thank you