Hey guys, I’m really broke and need money for Christmas. I figured there were a few of you out there who would love to get a sweet yoyo for Christmas but can’t afford a new one, and so there is definitely an opportunity for myself and a few lucky individuals to really help each other out. I have a small collection, but have some really killer hard to find yoyos, and am ready to let (most of) them go for way below their value. So let’s see the list:
Clyw: I have a pink small bearing basselope that has plenty of dings but still throws really well. Probably $45 shipped.
Also, a purple with turquoise splatter narwhal, near mint. Probably $70
And finally, a 1ST RUN 28 STORIES PEAK, given to me by Adam Brewster of clyw. It definitely had some dings, so here’s a great chance to own an extremely sought after yoyo for a great price- $50-60.

Spyy: blue/yellow punchline. Few dings, def not mint, prolly $50-60.
Second run black/pink acid wash addiction. My favorite throw, would prefer a trade for a first run black addiction.

YYF: purple acid wash 44- love this thing, but make an offer.
Grey protostar- bearing is shot, make an offer
*****YOYO EXPERT.COM SPECIAL EDITION SUPERSTAR. Comes with black and red dice stacks. I have owned this yoyo since it came out. The day it came in the mail, I threw it for fifteen minutes before trying to switch the bearing and breaking it down to the seat (bearing not yoyo). It has had 15 minutes of throwing time, and is mint except for a few marks on the inside from pliers in my attempts to remove the shattered bearing. After 3 years, I finally got it off and absolutely love the yoyo but need money for presents for my daughter. I would probably want closer to $100 for this one, its a great throw.
Big Deal-- cool little yoyo, bearings in great shape, practically mint, make an offer.

BBYY-- the Dark and light grey splatter TT. Probably the most beautiful yoyo I’ve got, one slight knick otherwise mint. Really love this thing but make an offer.

HSPIN- the cut, yellow, great small bearing yoyo. $50, couple small Knicks.

LEVIATHON-- TEAL, got it ina trade, $40, few scuffs no major dings.

THE BREAD AND BUTTER------ 1 death by yoyo EKG HARA KIRI!!! Would love to call it mint, but there is 1 really small knick on the rim that is nowhere near noticeable BC of the finish. I tried really hard to obtain this yoyo and paid $150, would be hardhttp:// pressed tolet it go for less than $125.
Also have the matching slayve EKG, two or three scuffs, I would let this one go for cheaper.

So there you have it. I hope someone finds a yoyo here that they have rally wanted for a long time, BC it would really make me happy to give someone a great deal on a yoyo that they would really appreciate, especially just in time for Christmas. I’ll post more detailed pics upon request. I’ve been out of the yoyo game for a few years now, and some of you may remember me as throwbot. I have no trade credit on my new account, and thus am willing to ship before payment if your trade count is high enough. Hope you guys find something you want.

To anyone that pm’d me–

First of all, wanted to thank you guys for the quick responses; its been over two years since I have been on the website, and I was absolutely not expecting to get 33 messages within six hours. I wanted to touch on a couple of things–

First off, I have zero trades on this account and its my first post (technically second now), and so I understand the concerns about scams. I’m more than willing to ship first if your trade count is decent, or you can try to look up my old account (username throwbot) to check out my previous trades and feedback. I would like to get payments somewhat soon, so maybe I could take a quick video at the post office with me boxing them and showing the address as I send it, and then I can email the video or whatever. We can figure something out.

Secondly, I’m not gonna respond to all of the photo requests through PM’s. Most of you are asking about the peak and the damage, or wanting photos for other yoyos, and instead of sending out a ton of pictures to a bunch of people I’m just going to post them on here until we start narrowing down the people who are really interested. The Peak has some very significant damage-- one ding is pretty deep and was put there by Adam Brewster when he owned the yoyo. The second must’ve been put on by my daughter or one of my friends, but its really bad and I’ll try to show it in my pictures, but they are taken with my phone so quality isn’t amazing but I’ll try my best. Just take a look at the pictures and reconsider your offer if you need to. If you want close ups of a yoyo that isn’t pictured, shoot me a pm and I’ll throw them on here.

Lastly, out of the 33 messages I got, about 90% of them were people wanting the peak, and about 70% of those people threw out an offer higher than what I was asking, and wanting it shipped immediately. I wish everyone could get the yoyo that they want from me, but its just not possible. Instead of selling the yoyo to the highest bidder, I’m gonna ask you to pm me with a short reason for why you not only want this yoyo, but also something you think you think you could do to pass on some good yoyo vibes to the community-- whatever you can think of. Like taking the time to help a newb hone his skills, or standing up for someone in the yoyo community at a time when they can’t stand for themselves. One of the reasons its so easy to get pulled into the yoyo universe, is because of all of the great people that comprise the yoyo community. A couple people who will always stand out for me are 1) André (the man, of course xD) who has almost single handedly taught us all how to throw, lol. He not only gave us all of those great tutorials, but also gave us a great place to come together and support each other, while we watch our numbers grow. The second person (last, but not least) who really influenced not only my style of throwing, but also gave me a glimpse at some of the powerful things a single yoyo can accomplish, the one and only, Ed Haponik. I used to throw with him at the North Carolina yoyo club in Davis (north Charlotte), and one day a 3 year old girl walked up to him and asked if she could try his yoyo. He just so happened to have his red flying v (1 of 2 if I’m not mistaken) and took it off of his finger and handed it to her without ANY hesitation. I asked him if he was crazy, or just wanted a ding, and he told me that he’d rather see a ding on his yoyo and a smile on a kids face then not see either of them at all. It was a powerful lesson for me. Tell me how you will harnass the Power of the Peak, and use its power to make yourself, the community, or even the world a better place. Basically convince me that you aren’t just buying this yoyo so you can rub it in your buddies face, lol. Not trying to have to grade ten 3 page essays, but all of these yoyos mean a lot to me and I’ve held onto my favorites for a while. The money alone just isn’t worth getting rid of them. It would be really gratifying to know that I’m passing on the peak to someone who not only really deserves it, but whom I can trust to pass on some good juju somewhere, somehow.

So shoot me a pm, and give me a quick rundown of why you deserve the peak, and what you’ll do with its power. Its crazy, even people who don’t throw always notice the 28 stories. Also, id like to know what all you have in your collection at this time. Thanks guys, and I really hope someone winds up with this yoyo that will not only appreciate it as much as I have, but will use it as motivation to be a force for good in the community.

Okay, here’s the peak and the leviathon. The peak definitely has some damage, and being a first run it has asymmetrical halves, and def has a little bit of a vibe in the string but its nothing crazy that will keep you from being able to throw it well. I cleaned the bearing, and its running dry right now and really well.

The leviathon has two very small dings that don’t really go through the ano, that I tried to capture in one picture. The other picture shows the blemishes on its finish. Nothing really bad or deep, just kind of scuffed I guess.

Here are pics of the basselope and narwhal for those who asked. The basselope has plenty of dings that penetrate the ano due to it falling in half I’m the Walmart parking lot the day I bought it. Still throws smooth, and is a small bearing. I could throw in some extra bearings but they came pre-lubed and are responsive until you clean them.

The narwhal has one scuff that goes through the ano, and another reeeeeally small one that almost does. Otherwise its in really good shape, and has very little vibe.

Been going through all of the pm’s and I wanted to reiterate that I am comfortable shipping first as long as you have good street cred, Lol. It would be nice if I could video me boxing it and shipping it to your address so that I could receive payment before it gets to you if you’re really far away. I’d like to have payments by December 20th, but again we’ll take it in stride and cross that bridge when we get to it.

I’m still going through the PM’s. A lot of great stuff so far guys, the yoyo community never ceases to amaze me. Such a unique, unorthodox group. I’m glad to be a part of you weirdos again ;D

Surprisingly no offers on the special edition superstar. For those of you who compete, the superstar is, well, exactly that. Super stable throw, Crazy rim weight/ sleep time. This yoyo is easily worth well over a hundred bucks. I would probably let it go for 80-90 shipped, just to see it in the hands of someone who would let her stretch her legs more often. The ding in the third 28s pic is the one from Adam, who BTW (like so many other pros) is just the most straight-up, down to earth guy. If he’s still around these parts I’m sure he wouldn’t mind filling the next owner in on some of her history before me.

For those asking, here are some more pics of the 28 stories. And that gorgeous superstar.

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Well, I’m back again and hopefully no longer breaking any rules. Well, I might slightly bend one since its 6:30 eastern time and use two posts so I can put out eight more pictures of the next set of requested yoyos. Sorry mods, my inbox has been steadily flooded and I’m having a hard time keeping up. Two quick sequential posts shouldn’t steal too much thunder from the other guys’ threads, but just in case I’m gonna go ahead and apologize in advance.

For those asking, here’s the damage report for the addiction. The things in great shape considering it lived in my pocket for over a year. And I know people say those fully ceramic bearings are a waste of money, but 1) even if the difference in performance over a hybrid ceramic bearing is negligible, the thing requires ZERO maintenance. You might have to pull a hair out of it every once in a while, but it only needs to be cleaned after like a year and you can run them dry without any problems. And 2) this sucker screams. People would always turn and look when I threw it BC it was so loud. Something satisfying about hearing her fly, tho. Sorry guys, bearing not included in the addiction negotiations. I can ship it with a stainless.

Here is the protostar. You can see the black banding around the rims, suprisingly happened from wall the dog on a hard wood floor. Also, from the factory the plastic had some blemishes, but the other picture is the best I could get at the time of the only real damage it has as far as dings in the plastic.

Have you sold that peak? if not I’d be whiling to buy it.

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