Stuff I’m looking for:

Peaks (Grizzly Bear Clown Town #2, purple splash/acid wash 3rd run, Earth Swirl, Fire Swirl, 1st/2nd run 28 Stories, Royal Bison, maybe others)

Wooly Marmot 2

65g Chief (Buffalo Bob, Jack Rabbit, Latitude 53, Green Ghost, Grassy Lake, maybe another)

Doomsday Genesis


Sterling Quinn Skyline
Gold Rim Dipped Skyline

Other Stuff
Rare 1990s Playmaxx/Proyo

Stuff I have for sale or trade:

  • Any yoyo with a listed price includes shipping inside the US.

  • I’m trying to keep my eBay up to date with my yoyos available for sale/trade as well. Feel free to make an offer via eBay’s best offer system or via PM on YYE for anything you are interested in.

  • My Flickr for some additional photos.

Bonfire - $135

Northern Lights colorway, mint with box.

Yeti - $70

I can’t find any damage but I’ve played it a ton so I’ll say near mint with box.

Quake - $115

Super limited Perfect Storm colorway. Mint with box.

AL7 Quake - $95

A pair of scuffs, the one on the silver side is difficult to picture.

2014 Genesis - $130

Blue Pulsar colorway, mint with box

Shutter - $55

Alien Galaxy colorway, mint.

888 - $120

Rare “mud” 07 888. Not mint, lots of small scratches and scuffs.

Aviator - $90

Mint with box.

Genesis - $65

Found a couple tiny pinpricks but no other damage. 65.5 gram USA made version

Protostar - $20

Victor Gravitsky colorway, near mint.

Edge Glow YYN FHZ - $20

Mint in package but package has a big crack in it underneath the yoyo.

2010 AP FHZ - $20


Septopus - $180 - SOLD

Custom ano. Some damage under the ano that I couldn’t get to show up in pictures, nothing I could find that breaks the ano.


Bump. I got one of the Puffins I wanted, now for the rest of them…


Im from brazil, o got 7 fh1

one yellow/yellow
one green/yellow
one yellow/white
red/yellow mint (takeshi mod)
3 red/white

in the photo, it is missing one red/white

I don’t really know what FH1s go for these days but feel free to PM me with prices if you have any in mind. I’m definitely interested!


I have what I believe to be a NB painted fhz, which I got from jensen kimmitt.

bump. list is big again.

bump. peak sold

Bump. El Ranchero pending. Probably adding some FHZs

Bump, El Ranchero gone. There has been some interest in the CLYWs and General Yos and a couple may be pending soon. Adding FHZs when I have time.

bump, 3 YYFs sold, added FHZs/FH2s, Y-Factor and Punchline

bump, BvM sold, some others may be pending

bump, a few possible trades in progress

bump, Schneider and Rally gone, Battosai pending

bump, Essence pending

bump, Essence and Bape gone

bump, added Proton and 3 FHZs

last bump before I can’t ship any yoyos out for a couple weeks!

bump. added some throws, Battosai pending

bump, added a couple more throws. Works Gnarwhal pending payment on Friday

bump, Black/Pink Speckle Chief and Yogi AC gone, Gnarwhal still pending payment tomorrow. Make my Christmas dream of thinning out my collection come true