Works Gnarwhal and Viszilla that I hadn’t even listed yet are sold. Someone please start buying my YYFs. I like them but I just have ever so many that I don’t need. Probably adding Ain’t Nothin’ H.O.T. a couple others with my next bump, don’t have time today.

bump, Equilateral gone. Someone bring me a DRI YWET, MG and those YYRs!

bump, some additions. everything is listed on eBay now, feel free to offer via pm on here if you want to try to get the very best deal or via best offer on ebay

considering selling some pieces from my collection as well just in time for christmas

bump. Team Edition Gnarwhal, Northern Lights Puffin, test ano 08 888, Ronin sold. Punchline Repeater pending. Added Cyclontzy dyed and large bearing SPRed 2010 FH2s. EVERYTHING MUST GO

Punchline Repeater traded, put Hubstack Genesis back up since kids think it’s okay to buy things on eBay without parental consent then not pay. Ninja Hurdles AC and Token also up.

bump. Added Eye of the Tiger Skyline, Equilateral is back up. Going to strangle the next child that buys a yoyo from me on eBay and messages me 5 days later telling me their parent won’t allow them to complete the purchase they made on an eBay account they never should’ve had access to in the first place.

bump, Battosai and Yuuksta sold

bump. Hubstack Genesis sold again…

Added Bape 2, D Bearing Banana Skywalker and 2 Chiefs. I feel like a fat kid who just got his candy taken away just having the Skywalker and Chiefs listed on my BST so if you want any of them you should probably make a serious offer really quickly because the 12/15 update may very well be “never selling my D Bearing Skywalker or Chiefs”

removed Chiefs. Apologies to the few who showed interest. Guess my collection pruning is finally starting to reach the point where only stuff I “need” remains.

bump, Eyes of the Tiger Skyline sold

bump, G-Funk and Counter Attack sold. Relisted a number of yoyos on eBay with lower prices. If you’re interested in any of them, feel free to send me an offer via YYE instead if you prefer.

is the small bearing genesis still available? just wondering :smiley:

Everything that is listed in my BST is available, once something is sold/traded I remove it immediately. If you’re interested in the SB Genesis feel free to PM me an offer and hopefully we can work out a deal!

bump, Glasseye FHZ sold

Boss, Glasseye FHZ and 2009 Nats FHZ sold

bump, added a ton of stuff

bump, SB Bassalope, Wooly Markmont and Gravitsky Protostar sold, Ninja Hurdles AC traded

bump, come spend your Christmas money.

D Bearing Skywalker, Token and Blue Protostar sold

bump, Yelets and Flipside sold

bump. everything. must. go.

bump, sb Genesis, Purple Augie, Orange Augie sold

sorta want another BvM now too. Got rid of my SvZB a while back, first yoyo I’ve ever had that had so much vibe that I didn’t enjoy it and nothing I did seemed to get the vibe out. Still love the colorway so if I could find one that doesn’t pulsate, a RvNM, Frank’s Slide or something else neat I’d be interested in trading for it.