Hi All,

So I’m realizing that I don’t need this many yo-yo’s and in order to buy more, I need to trim down my collection. So with that said, please:
NO LOWBALLING. I will try and give you a deal but these are all limited and rare.
If you live outside the US, please let me know so we can make a deal on shipping.


Starting top left
C3YoYo Offstring
H5 x C3 (Red/Grey)
H5 x C3 (Pink/Silva)
Cliff (Balck/Greay?Pink)
One Drop (Black/Gray/REd)
Avalanche (28 Stories)

Middle left to Right
Avalanche (Green/Yellow/Red)
Summit (Geen/Red/Black)
Fools Gold Avalanche (Blue)
Summit (Orange/Yellow/Black)

2nd Middle left to right
Chief (Grey/green/pink)
Chief (Red/Orange/Grey)
AC1 (Light Green/Red)
Glacier Express (Black/Orange)
Puffin (Blue/Grey/White)
Yeti (Black)

Bottom left to right
Puffine (White/Red)
Puffin (Red/white)
Summit (Nebula)
Chief (28 Stories)
BvM2 (28 Stories)
Summit (BBB)

I also have a (Not Pictured)
One Drop Format C (Blue)
One Drob Chik! (Red/Black/Yellow)
AC2 (Bushman Series)
Yeti (Grey)

  • edit: whooops… rly thought that was a PM