Selling 30+ of my yo-yos, tones of crazy rare ones

Selling over 30 of my yo-yos. Tons of CLYW, One Drop, G squared, etc. Selling them for a steal too please someone take them off my hands.


Might be helpful if you list names or list em here too

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CLYW Cliff

CLYW Chief

CLYW Gnarwhal

CLYW Arctic Circle

CLYW Arctic Circle 2

CLYW Bear Vs. Man 2

CLYW Yeti (First Run)

One Drop Vangaurd x2

One Drop Nautilus

One Drop Terrarian

One Drop Rebirth

G Squared Marvel

G Squared Marvel AL7

G Squared Nessie x2

G Squared Banshee

YoyoRecreation Draupnir

YoyoJam Phenom

Monkey Finger Ceaser (1/3 Special Edition Colorway)

C3 Halo (Signed by World Yoyo Champion Zach Gormley)

C3 Di Base 2

3 YoyoDesign Token

Duncan Echo

Duncan Triumph

Yoyo Factory Replay (Metal Version)

Yoyo Factory Shutter

Yoyo Factory Too Hot x2

Yoyo Factory Cyborg (U.S. Edition)

Yoyo Factory Horizon

Yoyo Factory Boss

Yoyo Factrory Dotma


Individual sales or just the lot?

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Will do lot for 2k. Negotiable



I am trying to PM and it won’t let me

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Should now site was down

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Bro keep it all in one thread please

So someone bought the lot?

nope, he decided to sell them individually

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So, I guess we can lock this one then… mods?