BTW, everyone feel free to post your stories right here on the thread. I’m loving reading this stuff and I don’t see why everyone here shouldn’t get a piece of this little movement that this peak has got going on.

So yeah, let’s see the action right here. It just doesn’t seem right not to share this with everyone.

Split from BST Primary topic - please do not have general discussions in BST.
They are better done here.

I think the general rule here is no posting in a person’s BST thread, but ill do so just because you asked, :).
I don’t feel like I deserve this yoyo more than anybody else, but I do probably want it more and it would get played/carried every day. One of these Peaks is out of yoyo players hands, mine was stolen years back and I’ve been looking to replace it since. Having the chance to do so for $60 would be unbelievable. Its hard to write this type of post without sounding self serving and or greedy.
I can’t say I’ve done much for the community, but I like to spread the joy, all the cousins in my family get the best beginner yoyo that came out that year and a hundred strings every Christmas. They have fun for a few days, I teach them a couple tricks but nothing ever seems to stick. I live a sort of isolated life on an island a couple hours north of Seattle, I don’t see many other yoyo players but when I do I always try to give them something if I can spare it. A bearing in a size they need, a trick, a yoyo. Think I’ve given away three 401Ks, lol.
If this yoyo ends up in my hands I’ll distribute a Yoga Flame Superstar, Revenger, and a delrin Severe out to whomever you think they should end up with.

Happy trails choosing where this fella ends up, I look forward to reading other posts.

Wow! A 1st run 28 Stories Peak. I’m really into the Peak lately but the 1st run seems pretty much unobtainable. I’d love a chance to play one.

I’m not sure how much of an impact I’d have on yoyoing in general but I’m a good dude and I would cherish this Peak, dings and all. It would definitely get played regularly.

I’ve spread a little yoyoing joy when I can but I’m pretty isolated from other throwers. I did inspire a friend to take up yoyoing again and gave him his first metal, a Duncan Raptor, which he still has and enjoys a lot. When crosswhite, a fellow Louisianian on this forum, lost yoyos in the recent hurricane flooding here, I gave him a mint Hitman because I knew that he’d wanted it and would appreciate it.

I can’t say I have big plans for yoyoing but when I can, I like to share this wonderful hobby with others. Yoyoing has meant a lot to me, I plan on doing it forever, and a 1st run Peak would be well-loved.

I’ll vouch for this guy. He had his 28s Peak stolen a while ago. Also, his post may be a bit harsh at times, but they often contain a lot of common sense and reality.

Another story to tell, well about an hour I landed in london gatwick airport, while I was in the line waiting to pass border passport thing, there was this guy with a northstar, and I was doing snowflakes the yoyo trick and he was amazed and then we talked and I taught him how to do the trick.
the funny thimg was I would have nwver immagined to find a yoyoer at the airport and this shows you how much our yoyoing communite is growing :wink:
I just want to say that even if the yoyo doesnt end up on my hands I hope that it ends up in a nice home and with a good person

Thanks yoyomatt


Just getting back to you and responding to your posts on your BST thread. Thank you for going through all our messages, it means a lot.

Well, I’ve passed up a few opportunities to own a Peak… the first was all the way back in 2009 on it’s last major release on YoYoNation. I immediately regretted on purchasing one, and I still regret it today. I’ve tried to work out deals with people on getting a Peak, I came really close but there was always someone who beat me out. I was really bummed. I’ve really been wanting a Peak pretty much ever since, and 28 stories is my absolute favorite color way. Maybe this is my chance to own a Peak, or maybe not, considering the interest you’ve been getting.
What would I do for the good of community? I would continue to teach kids tricks, pass on what I know to kids who will inevitably get better than me someday, lol. I would let them throw the Peak and let them experience this wonderful yoyo. Everyone deserves to throw a Peak at one point or another.
I would take the best possible care of it, but at the same time would play it as much as possible, loving it as it was intending to be, and playing it as it was intended to be played. I have paypal ready, so give me the green light if I’m the lucky one.

There’s probably someone else who will snatch it up before me.

Anyways, thanks for reading this and thank you for your consideration as well as your contribution to this community.

-Spencer Reynen

Am I the only one who’s confused?

^ I have NO IDEA what’s going on.

It’s okay Ryan, you already have a Peak lol

I want that LeVi, ill take the peak as well but see so many people trying to buy it. If you are willing to agree to sell it to me right now I will not only accept your offer for you to email a video of you at the post office.


503-381-3007 I have the money in cash, or PayPal, or even chase quick pay if you like. Up to you, I know I don’t have a high feedback only (4) but I have trades and sells in the works that have already been shipped out from me due to my low feedback score. If you’d like contact any of my feedbacks they know I’m legit Nd one is a VET of the Yoyo community

I just did a trade with this man. He is totally legit.

EDIT: OHHHHH. I get it! haha. I’m a little slow on the uptake. That’s a good price for a Peak.

Hi, I have always wanted a 1st run 28 stories peak. I will pay any price for that peak.

If the origin of this topic is what has you in a quandry, it was split off from a BST topic because the ongoing discussion kept bumping it to the disadvantage of other posters in the BST.

I mainly want the peak because my Friend had a peak and that was his favorite colorway. But sadly he passed away In a car accident. Drunk girl hit him while his grandmother and brother were in the car too :frowning:

Hey guys, sorry for the uncouth thread posting, its been a few years since I’ve been a regular on here and should have read the rules again BC it seems the operations have changed a little bit. Anyways, I’ve tried replying to as many of the pm’s as I could. Got a busy morning with work, but I’m gonna try and get some more of the requested pics up in the bst before I start my day off. I’ll try and report back asap, but ill be tied up at least until late afternoon. Now that its the work week and the post office is open, we can get to business and make someone a proud new owner of a 28 stories peak. Honestly guys after mowing through the PM’s I have to say that so far everyone seems like a great person who more than deserves a yoyo like this one. Having said that, I’m definitely working down to a short list, so get any final thoughts out and when I hop online this afternoon we’ll see where we stand. I could take all week thinking about who to choose, but I’m sure you guys are ready to find out if you’ll be the lucky one so I’ll try and have that answer for you tonight. Thanks again guys.

Hey brother really wanting to buy your peak, I’ve always wanted a peak and have never been able to attain one. But since so many people are interested in the peak I was hoping I could buy your Tp Levi. I’m PayPal or cash ready so please PM me ill send you a PM anyways

Thanks for the update! Although I probably won’t get the chance to own this beauty, to whoever does- enjoy it. Play it like it was meant to be played, every day. I would love to own this Peak as I have been searching for one for a very long time, and the 28 stories color way is my absolute favorite. Anyways, good luck guys! And thank you for giving us this opportunity, thor!

I sent you a pm listing why I need this yoyo. Here are some more.

If I had this peak I would give it the respect it deserves. I would play it every day and it would be #1 forever in my case. The anodization is absolutely beautiful ( my favorite colorwaydone right). This yoyo would never leave my case. I am the kind of person who would let just about everyone handle my top yoyos ( sleipnir and positron). I really could care less about the dings. To me those are just battles scars giving this yoyo character. A first run peak is my dream yoyo, I yoyo I need to get in the course of my yoyoing life. I am begging you, please sell this to me. I can pay right now. Please read the last pm I sent you. Thanks you so much for this opportunity.

Any new information?

What ever happened to this?

No, this is not a necro.