Question for owners of CLYW Peak?

The Peak is considered a holy grail by many in our community. For those unaware the below link shows a comprehensive history of it.

With it being so covered, I imagine acquiring one was one of the greatest yoyo acquisition experiences you’ve went through (minus whatever it cost you.

So I ask those of you whom feel like indulging, to tell the story of how you acquired your first Peak (or multiples if you wish.). If comfortable, feel free to include what kind, what you traded, what you paid, if you still have it, why you got rid of it, what you got for it, and if the play met your expectations.

I have had one. It was a Maple Drip Peak, I believe it’s from the second run. I traded a Celtic 888 for it, which Is do again. It gave me the understanding if floaty, soul and CLYW vibe all in one throw. And by vibe, it was extremely minor. I regret getting rid of it. Traded it to a friend in the yoyonation forums by the name of @oldedges I’m unsure if he is still the owner it if he is still around, but I recall getting a Purple Rain Genesis and some other throws for it.

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Which color combo was the Drip?

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Honestly in my experience, it isn’t too hard to find Peaks available even now as long as you’re looking to buy. What I really wish I did was pick up a couple more Peaks just right after the Peak 2 released. People starting selling their Peaks for sub $80 on the regular for that year after before the prices went back up. Anyways, my first Peak is the same one as my profile pic. Was a FG Gold Nugget Peak, traded a Space Cowboy for it at the time when bi-metals were all the rage. Still one of the smoothest Peaks I’ve played.



Here’s my Peak! Got it in January of last year after wanting a Peak for 12 years. First tried a Peak at Nationals in 2009, threw some more at a few contests throughout the years, but never was able to own one cause I was just a kid at the time, and didn’t have Peak level money either lmao… Paid $293 for this Alex Berenguel edition from YoYoBrothers - it is pretty much mint. Definitely one of my most prized yoyos, and one I would never sell. She doubles as a shelf queen and a daily driver - I keep it nice, but definitely do throw it as much as I can! Very few yoyos bring me as much nostalgia when throwing as this one does… For sure one of the greatest, most influential yoyos of all time, and a true “must have” in any collection.

Love that maple drip as well, if I were to get another Peak, I’d go for that one for sure.


Here’s a pic of the current two in my collection. Both started off as FG Gold Nuggets. Not sure why, but the FG Gold Nugget run was one of the smoothest for sure.


My first peak was an og painted peak. I traded a mint throwdown luchador for it and this was back in like 2008 I think. I traded a user named hitman on theyo for it. Almost traded for Paul Wallace’s pink peak but decided against it. The deal was a mint bape and a little cash for a pink og painted peak. I kept the bape because it had sentimental value and I don’t regret it.


Here is mine, 28stories second run. I bought it second-hand a decade ago, i guess, and it seems that it was my greatest investment :smiley: Back in the day it cost me something around $240 according to currencies values of that time, which already was a lot. Still have it, sitting pretty on my display shelf.
I wonder how much it can cost today :smiley:


i had a second run 28s and a raw peak, i have a brewster now that is the smoothest out of all of them. i like to play it and it kinda makes me want a first run 28s. the color on the second run was amazing though…


My small collection :slight_smile:

  1. Peak og 44
  2. Peak 28s og
  3. Peak Royal Binson og
  4. Peak Clown Town 2
  5. Peak 28s 2nd
  6. Peak Frozen Mamoth
  7. Peak Iron Man
  8. Peak Raspberry 1/7
  9. Peak Hulk Smash
  10. Peak Hulk Smash Blue Corner 1/1 (used on video Jensen Kimmitt)

Sebby 2nd run

Gold nugget signed by Chris from clyw ( super faded at this point)

Maple drip 2nd run

Would love a hulksmash really bad!


2nd Run Blue with Purple Maple Drip, and it still has the original flat bearing in it. Plays great, maybe some vintage vibe IDK, does have some ano-flaws for today’s standards, but its not labeled as Fools Gold because that wasn’t a thing yet when this colorway was released.


Is it bad that I started crying when I saw that Maple Drip Peak?

Beautiful piece you have there


Never seen the purple maple drip. That is unreal!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The first peak I bought was a FG gold nugget from the CLYW site for $50! Lol This was the peak that started my obsession!

I still own that peak and will never sell it! It’s been with me all these years and is worth more to me than money.

Over the years I’ve bought and sold many, many peaks. The only other peak that Will never sell is the ILYY candy blasted peak. It’s definitely my favorite playing peak. This was acquired from a good friend.

This one doesn’t get played as much, it’s a Levi eBay peak #11. This one is also special to me, as my bday is 11/11. If I was Forced to sell any other peaks, this one would go before my beloved FG gold nugget. :joy: This one was also bought from a friend… after much convincing :joy:


Here’s the peak I had custom made


I’ll be honest I don’t remember where I found the raw peak but I do know I paid Levi $120 to paint this one in the same style as a chopper he had done. I ended up taking it for a chrome business and some other stuff at nationals after it was accidentally dinged.

As an added bonus here is a test ano small bearing bvm I had for a short while that I got from Pekka when searching for a test ano peak. I sold it to green onion so he could have the pair of bvm and peak.



I owned that. I’m pretty sure I got it from Dom directly though I’m not positive. It was quite a few years ago. Pretty sure I traded it to Bud, is that who you got it from?


This peak ended up in yoyobrothers collection, and that’s who I got It from. So I’m guessing Bud sold it to him?

It’s amazing it’s still in mint condition, considering it went through all these peoples hands! Haha

I’ve held a lot of peaks and it’s by far the best peak. That finish on the legendary peak is insane! I only wish more of them were made!


Damn, Frozen Mamoth!

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Here’s the story of my first Peak that came back to me last year. I didn’t realize it was my first Peak until looking through old emails for this thread. This is how it looks today, but it didn’t start this way…

I got it in 2010 off the Yoyonation BST for $100 in a deal for this Fool’s Gold brown with red splash Peak plus a beat 44re:creation Stargazer. The edge of the Peak’s rims were satined and I polished the nipple also. It looked like this (from my old insta):

Despite being a fool’s gold, the brown with red splash Peak played really well compared to other 2nd run Peaks that I got later, with the FG Nugget Peak being fine but the Hulk Smash, while looking awesome, being too light and not as powerful at 64.5g (are other Hulk Smash Peaks light like this?)…

Eventually I wanted that FG brown and red Peak to look as good as it felt to throw so I contacted Gruntbull to make it look like the 3rd run green Peak (a grail for me which I eventually was lucky to acquire anyways). We decided for a two-tone look instead of the single color + textured masking of the green 3rd run Peak. It was done to look like the Alien Autopsy colorway that One Drop was doing around that time. Gruntbull did beadblasting plus the custom ano in 2013.

Then, I needed cash so I sold the Peak on ebay in 2014.

Fast forward some years and I see it ended up in Yoyobrothers’ collection posted on their IG. They dubbed it the “poison ivy Peak”. They posted it for sale on their website in 2018.

Last year, 2021, this Peak showed up in the BST and I struck a deal with its then-owner (thanks again!) to re-acquire it.

And that’s the 2010-2021 saga of the brown red alien autopsy poison ivy Peak that came back to me.