Why does everyone want one? It seems like a fairly generic organic throw, that wouldn’t be very good for horizontal.

It was CLYWs first yoyo and they have become collectors items.

That’s it?

The first run painted peaks are aesthetically some of the most beautiful yoyos out there.


I actually enjoy organic shaped yoyos more than V shaped ones.

You can still horizontal on them.

Agreed. There’s a reason the hatrick is still my favorite!

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^^^^To the OP

If you wan’t to know the real reason…you need to throw one :wink:

Horizontal isn’t everything. That said I preferred the 888 at the time and still do since it’s all preference. It’s not very special these days in play but it’s more of a collectors item.

I had one, played really well, a very relaxed yoyo. It just didn’t play well enough to justify having it, so I sold it and bought a Draupnir.

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lol. That made me laugh. :smiley:

Everyone does not want a Draupnir. And everyone does not want a Dazzler. Everyone does not want a Ti Dream. Everyone did not want an Evora. Everyone does not want a Citizen. Everyone does not want a Leviathan 6. Everyone does not want an Anglam 2 or a Tiss or a Zero.

That being said; if everyone ‘did’ want a certain yoyo. Everyone would want any of the yoyos in the aforementioned list before ‘Everyone’ would want a Peak.

So… What’s the reality?

Everyone does not want a Peak.

The Peak is a very nice/fun/comfortable throw. It is/was a good value at the original selling prices.

Almost every model CLYW has come out with since the Peak, plays better than the Peak. Puffin2, Sasquatch, Avalanche, Marmot, Orca, Bonfire, etc. They All play better than a Peak.

That does not mean the Peak is not a yoyo to have or to not try and ‘get’. No matter how advanced yoyos get, the Peak will be a fun yoyo to throw.

But unless you have to have one for your collection. Or you have to have one just so you can tell people you have A Peak. For the prices you have to pay for even one with damage to it; it is not a good value.

It’s actual ‘worth’ is how valuable it might be to you.

But ‘everyone’ does not want a Peak.

Peaks are collector’s items BUT some people also like how they play even though there are plenty of yoyos that blow it away in terms of straight-up performance and pricing.

For example, I had plenty of Yoyorecreation yoyos but I got rid of them all and now just have a Peak and an FHZ. And I play my Peak all the time, for me it is not a collector’s item. When I throw my Peak I have to deal with keeping the string carefully centered to maximize throwtime and avoid tipping and to play smoothly because it snags. But for me it is a joy to play, the size and weight and shape and rim-weight and float are great to me, and it keeps me engaged in throwing instead of relying on a “perfect” yoyo that makes things easier.

Also, the most widely available Peaks are the 2nd runs and in my experience they play very differently from each other and also from the 3rd run. While I liked the 2nd run Peaks ok, I think that anyone wondering about the “magic” of a Peak might be pretty nonplussed if they only get to try a 2nd run. I have yet to try an OG Peak but I’m happy with the one 3rd run Peak that I have, it plays perfectly in its imperfect way.

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teh original generation yyjs is where it s at

Personally, the Peak is overrated. It is such a basic design and feels like nothing special at all.

It may not play as well as the current throws available today but it was one of the best of the best when it came out almost 9 years ago. The only metals the peak had to contend with back then was the 888, radians and Anti-yos.(I’m sure there were a few more but those were the most popular at the time.) The OG peaks sold on yyn for 75 bucks when they released if I’m not mistaken. I’m also pretty sure Sebby won U.S Nats 2010 with a peak.

One of these cars recently sold for $1.15 MILLION

Pretty much any car that Mercedes makes today is a better in every way; mpg, power, safety, braking, AC, multitudes of cup-holders. Still, there are people who would prefer this over any one of the new ones.


Same with this sucker!

Won’t be as fast or handle nearly as well but it is special and highly sought out!

I think this has more to do with the fact that you were only 6 years old when it came out :wink:


it’s a really nice yo-yo. and when it came out, every other yo-yo on the market was NOT a really nice yo-yo, as is pretty much the case now. i remember the first time i threw one (david w’s pink painted one at club) - it was a game changer. at a time when yo-yoing was ruled by bigger companies making much bigger production runs, it pushed the yo-yo community in a “boutique” direction that we still feel today. it doesn’t have to keep up with today’s standards to feel special to people. the people who remember the first few runs of the peak felt like they were part of something special. and the people who started throwing later could appreciate its place in the story of one of the most beloved companies.

oh yeah, AND it’s still really fun to play.