ok seriously why the heck is there so much hype about the peak? don’t get me wrong, it looks like a good yoyo and all, but SERIOUSLY o_0

from a person thats owned one its more of a status symbol/collection peace now. pack in the day it was a good yoyo made I’m small quantities, which created a ton of hype. 5-6 years ago it was even more popular (more hype than the chief currently has) every one had to have one and they sold for an upwards of 500 dollars

now its now a rare collectors item, and a piece of yoyo history. That people want just for there collection and to be able to say they own a peak.

I know but like everywhere I go I ask “wats your fave yoyo?” peak ALMOST evry time. sry 2 those who like the peak. :frowning:

If you don’t get it you don’t get it. That’s fine.

They aren’t collector pieces. I promise.

they are collector pieces because of there rarity (that doesn’t mean it plays bad)

i think the peak is a good yoyo but i don’t think is as good as current high end competition level yo-yos
There have been huge advancements in materials, physics, and engineering in yoyo production. Current yoyo spin longer and are more stable, along with other things.

Take the draupnir for example it isn’t designed to look pretty (it may even have a vibe ) it uses the most advanced materials and design process to make a yoyo designed for performance.

does that mean its the funniest yoyo? no but it will “perform better”

the peak can be your favorite yoyo but because u have a great time using it, but on paper modern day yoyos are better

also I know its a rare yoyo but $500? NO HATE WHATSOEVER THO ;)I was just wantin info on y theres so much hype. like I said, I know its rare, but… idk im confused, im sorry :’(

There was the 1st run and one of a kind peaks which were air brushed that sold for a ton of money, some even sold for over 500

they weren’t all that much they eventually made fools good, and regular anodized one which sold for regular price. but resold for over 200

the peek was so hyped when ever they released a run there would be people waiting on line constantly refreshing there page just to buy one, they out sell out an entire run in under 20 minutes.

ikr lol :smiley:

here is a very detailed link on the history of it if you are interested http://www.yoyonation.net/talk/index.php?topic=89984.0

thnx :slight_smile:

So, I am relatively new to the yoyo world. Was the peak somehow revolutionary in its day? Was it The Draupnir of 2005?

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no it was just very popular

thats strange it opens fine for me

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It didn’t come out in 2005

There was nothing revolutionary about it

There were plenty of yoyos in it’s time that used large bearing and silicone response. It was however on par to the smoothness of oxy yoyos in many peoples opinions. It didn’t really do anything besides that. At the time the Oxy 4 was in the same price point standards as the peak but since then CLYW has exploded. They also released so many peaks that they’re not as hard to find as people would think unless you’re looking for a first run. The only reason they’re so popular today is because people want to have a complete collection of clyw throws.

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What I like about the peak is its history which I’ve commented on in other threads. Another thing about the peak is, Levi painted several originals and others with an eggshell finish that you will rarely see elsewhere from an airbrush artist. Plays different than other painted throws. I have also noticed that not all of Levi’s painted throws had this finish so consider the OG and others that did to be special/collectible in more than just one way.

Lol, what? I can’t be the only person who caught how stupid that one sounded.

I think it’s hilarious you guys talk crap about a yoyo designed like, seven years ago because it isn’t as good as the top of the line stuff today. You’re saying that Chris, Paul and Levi should have been so far ahead of the game on their first attempt that nothing can stand up to their effort to this day? Straight up retarded.

I don’t know how many more times I’ll have to say this, but there is more to a yoyo than stability, spin time and gap-width. (Peak isn’t even un-stable, you just can’t be sloppy while playing it so unskilled players say it’s crap)

And there were other yoyos that used silicone response, but “plenty”? No. Dif Pads were the standard at the time. Anybody who says differently probably wasn’t even playing at the time.
Peak had Difs first, they played wrong so Chris cut a wide groove into one, shortly after everybody was doing it. Oxy was first.

So why has there been hype over the Peak for the better part of a decade? 'Cause it’s dope, and you people that don’t/won’t/can’t understand why keep talking about/hating on it.

There are also probably only about ~100-120 of what I would call real Peaks out there anyway. How many of you have actually had the chance to play one of those extensively?

I think it was Boyd that said about the 2nd run Peak “It’s like kissing your girlfriend, but she’s wearing another girls lips”.