Do peaks actually play well?


Or they just have collectible value?


Ive heard they play well but won blow you away or anything


The reason they’re as sought after as they are is that they were CLYW’s flagship yoyo. They don’t play awful, but people aren’t paying $500 to throw them, when you could get multiple better yoyos with that money


They’re just OK really by todays standards.


Honestly… No. Theyre just value hyped, and look good on a shelf :wink:


Peaks are fantastic. They’ve been my absolute favorite since '06. The catch being you have to realize how long and smoothly a yoyo spins and whether it feels totally friction free on the string is not what makes the yoyo. I’d take a Peak over any “modern” yoyo (a huge number of which are just trying their very hardest to feel like a Peak on the string anyway).
Not to be derogatory, but its a yoyo for the skilled player, but one who isnt trying to play yoyo to win contests.


Peaks are good yoyos. Don’t know what yall are talking about…

(DOGS) #8

I don’t get what the crap is wrong with some of you people if you’re worrying that a C bearing, silicone response, full metal yoyo isn’t “modern” enough.

Yeah, you could be getting a much cheaper Peak, or three, with that money. If you’re a player, you’re likely not looking for the prime ones anyway, so why bring that into your point?


Yes and no. Yes, they are good, and fun to play. But no, because there are countless yoyos that are far better.


They play about as well as whatever you tie them to.


Honestly, while I love the feel of a Peak, just the way it plays isn’t enough to justify the hype and extreme mark up.


Peaks are so much fun to play, really sad they are that expensive on the BST and that CLYW stopped producing them…

I like to have fun with my throws, 100% performance yoyos are kind of boring to me.


The reason they’re so much fun to play with is because there is so much hype surrounding them and because they’re not a yoyo you see every day. If the peak was released today without all of the clyw hype, it would be passed over as a rather mediocre yoyo. I’d take a classic over a peak any day.

Recognize the peak for the history it has, but don’t think its great just because its expensive and collectible.


In other words: you like yoyos that suck


Gotta like the guy who accuses people of not liking the yoyos they say they do.
I bought one in '06, could you tell me whether I liked it then or not? I’m having issues deciding and your input would be indispensable.


If the peak sucks then yes I like yoyos that suck… Does perfection = good???


No it just doesn’t make sense. You pay an absurd premium for a yoyo not as good as one 1/4 the price.


Not as good? Says who? You? Who are you? Why do you get to decide what yoyos play well or not?


Same goes for you. :o


Wait! So its all a matter of personal opinion and what you yourself like in a yoyo?! Huh, go figure.