Lets talk about the Peak

Ive been hesitant to post this but Ive got one coming in the mail and I really want to rekindle conversation about the CLYW Peak. Ive read the “Complete history of the Peak” and found the story and history so interesting. I have also read a couple of reviews but most of the talk is several years old now.

After everything since they stopped production and they became a BST only item, and all the progress made in modern yoyo performance, What do you think about it now? Obviously its not going to be as high performance as today’s monsters (lookin’ at you Draupnir), but does it still find its way into your rotation or just a mantle piece?

What are your thoughts about the Peak. What do you like and don’t like about it? Which run do you prefer and why?

Just want to hear some thoughts, feedback, reflections, etc about the famous Peak.

Please feel free to add pics of yours if you do have one.

As always, thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

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There’s so much to talk about! Ben’s history thread is such an interesting read, I’ve actually read it 3 or 4 times. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the history of CLYW. It’s a shame the YYN forums are down, the original Peak-hype thread was 26 pages long, and it too was interesting to scroll through.

What run did you get? First run had some noticeable vibe, “Peak vibe” as it was referred to for years. However, the first run is the floatiest of the bunch, and is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing yoyo (err, return top…) ever! The second run had a lot of variation play wise. Some came out great, some didn’t come out so great, really luck of the draw. I have never played a third run, so I can not comment, though I hear they’re the best.

As for your questions, I both play and display my Peaks, it depends on which one. I love how floaty the first run is, and how the solid feeling the second runs are. Its a huge contrast which is odd considering that its the same model. Below is a picture of my “Peak-ramid” at one point, many have been sold.

Let us know which one you get!


Thats so awesome man, thanks for sharing!! Those painted Peaks. SOoooo pretty. So iconic.

I forgot to mention that it seems that mine is a Third Run. At least thats what I could find out based on the colorway (Dark purple with Lighter purple acid).

I hate the Peak because I can’t have one ;D and kinda saddened me that people who does most likely doesn’t even play it because of the history, so it’s just sitting there for display, forever.

you believe?
I do not think so in this way.
in the end… a yo-yo are two shells, an axis and a bearing, we can talk what we want, to theorize on the means of gram weight placed in that precise place rather than another or as a metal (or the combination of multiple metals) can increase performance … but always two shells, an axis and a bearing we have in hand … and that’s it.
so to speak … in 2010 Kimmitt became world champion with a Northstar! … nal 2014 Stein became world champion with a shutter, leaving behind all the Recreation team and their Draupnirs / Dazzlers …
The tool is relative, always, and this world is no exception, it is only likely that whatever comes after must be better (for more experienced maybe) but not always happens this.
And now we talk about the Peak, I believe that both are third run, are both perfect, no vibration, fast, accurate and comfortable to play, I use them rarely but only for fear of damaging them (are absolutely mint) but when I play with them, I have a goodness feelings, sensations such as the Chief has never been able even remotely to give myself … it’s weird to explain but it’s like if I could find a perfect harmony with them and there are not many yoyo I possess that can make me try this (and if I think… a lot of those few quite by accident have been bought!)

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Thanks man. You are right, its not about the tool so much as the user. Thanks for the feedback! I cant wait to love mine. :slight_smile:

I forgot

I’ve got a second run Hulk Smash Peak. One of my favorites, gets played a lot. I’d take it over a Draupnir any day. Mine is super floaty, a little bit of vibe.

Can’t wait to try the anniversary Peak! Hoping they can do a Hulk smash colorway ;D

Wait, is this something that’s actually confirmed, or is it just rumors? If it’s real… :o.

I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed. It’s for the Peak’s 10th anniversary

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The anniversary re-release is def real. Batch size unconfirmed. Dates soon, but not known at the moment.

edit- I just asked over on their Ask.fm

Wow thats amazing. Maybe ill finally be able to try one out, im sure there going to sell out crazy fast.

They answered my question.
I asked “any news on the 10th Anniversary Peak?”

they answered “nope.”

So thats the latest!

ooohhh…excited about this! Thought I’d never see another Peak run.

And I’ve the third run, purple acid wash, and I love it and it stays in rotation. It makes me a better yoyoer, I think, because it’s sensitive to sloppy technique. But just being sensitive to sloppy technique isn’t enough - the Peak is just a lot of fun to throw.

Speaking of Peak, what newer yoyos come close to capturing the Peak sort of feeling? How are the Grail and Creep, for example - haven’t seen reviews or talk about those…

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I’ve played one a couple of times and it just didn’t do anything for me. I appreciate the history and all that, but to me its just not worth the astronomical prices. However, I’m an oddball because the Project Two will always be the apple of my eye.

I haven’t played the Creep, but I have owned the Grail for a few months. It’s nothing like the Peak. I really don’t know of anything recent that is similar to the Peak. High wall and organic shaped unfortunately are not very popular these days.

However, if you can get a Grail, get one! One of the best yoyos made.

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Project and Project two… two other pieces of history !!! whether for a play sensations that for construction. :wink:

I think it’s quite normal … for many years was all yoyo almost had to shape … but it is also well maybe now they come back in fashion.

Ok…hype again…The shutter has won a world championship and so has the northstar…both under $100.00
So someone tell me has a peak ever won a world championship? For that matter any championship?

I hope so :slight_smile:

What’s it matter if a yoyo has won a championship or not ???

Also, a Shutter has never won a World Championship, neither has a Northstar. Gentry Stein and Jensen Kimmitt have both won World Championships though.

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I’d love to get my hands on one of those original Nintendo Peaks ;D