Lets talk about the Peak

One of them? Entailing there was more than one? I thought that one a one shot masterpiece.

Let me respond to these questions with a few questions of my own…

If a Northstar is a proven winner, why throw anything else? Whats the point of other yoyos since that one “won” (once)?
Is every yoyo designed supposed to be geared towards competition or compared to them?
Alot of people dont care to try to prove they are the better than someone else. REally only a tiny fraction of the yoyo community competes, maybe you should expand your horizons in both view and scope.

Maybe it was, I thought there were a few of them, but maybe not. There were some really great painted Peaks though

The Nintendo Peak is 1/1. All of the eBay run painted peaks, 19 if I’m not mistaken, were 1/1.

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I was only curious…has the peak won any contest or world championship? I guess it never has…

Alex Berenguel and Boyd Seth won a number of contests with the Peak. Boyd’s was the heavier proto and Berenguel’s was a first run painted.

When you assess how good a yoyo is, you play it, look at the build quality, do certain tricks to test how easy it is to use, compare it to other yoyos, … etc (end of thinking capabilities), anyway, never the amount of contest won or at least not won.
Why does winning a contest matter anyway? in 2002 Yuuki won worlds with a responsive Freehand (zero?), you tell me if most modern yoyos who have never seen the spotlight in contests nowadays are not better/easier to play than that.

My point exactly…it’s only a YoYo after all and to 99% of the viewing public…a toy! Period

Sebastian Brock used a Peak when he won US Nationals in 2010

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The fact a yoyo hasn’t been used to win worlds, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done.

It bothers me in the yoyo community so many people value the play of a yoyo based on if it was used to win worlds or not. I probably shouldn’t care, but I just think that’s a boring view of yoyoing.

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Lol, I know what you guys mean, but he said he was just curious!

The Peak has won the Championship of my heart!

Just kidding. I’ve never tried one.

Players can have signature yoyos.

Yoyos don’t have signature players.

Any Top level yoyo player that enters any major yoyo contest; can potentially Win a Title with ‘any’ good quality yoyo you might put in his hand as he walk up to the stage.

Players win contests with skills.

Yoyos don’t decide who wins contests.

Players and judges are primary factors in Contest results.

A Peak doesn’t need to win any Contest except the ‘will you buy me when I’m for sale again’ Contest.

I’ll take two😎


I traded for mine :slight_smile:
Should be here this week!


Dark purple and light purple acid

Yep, same with a lot of hobbies. Nothing wrong with having the latest bling (maybe bimetal or ti in the yoyo world) but you just have to accept that you are the main contributing factor to contest results. I ride with guys every weekend on brand new $7k carbon everything road bikes who get their legs ripped off by another guy who loves vintage steel bikes, which he probably picks up for a few hundred bucks each, and rides because he loves the way they feel. But the guy is an absolute monster, and he’d give anyone a run for their money, no matter the bike.

I remember that freestyle pretty well. It was a first gen freehand. And I would not call it a responsive yoyo. It could be set up that way. And it could be run with a clean bearing and one well worn sticker. In that state it is not coming back with a tug. And the hype around that yoyo was pretty high at the time. Duncan stoped making them because of mold problems and the replacement was not even close. I saw many of them go for astronomical prices compared to what they retailed for. Kind of sounds like buying a peak today. :wink:

There is a huge hype around the first CLYW throws right now and it is inflating the prices. this is just the way it seems to go. Like I said Duncan free hands were super hot then Yoyojam kind of took over that hyped spot and so on and so on. I love CLYW return tops. They are probably my favorite right now but something else will eventually come along and be the top hyped yoyo. The prices for CLYW’s will settle back down then.

Actually Yuuki DID gravity pull a couple of times if you watch that freestyle again, that’s how I know it’s responsive.

My point is, even in unresponsive setup it’s still hard, let alone playing it responsive, on worlds stage, and won.

Man. the Comp scene has changes SO much since then! I could actually see his movements and could follow (most) of the tricks. Todays competitors are moving so dam fast I could not keep up if I wanted to. Too fast, too slurred, too much of a hurry to show the beauty of flow and magic, not speed and more speed. This is one of the biggest reasons I dont compete. That and I have no desire to prove I am better than anyone else, let alone the “best.” Only place to go from the top? dowwwwwn, down, down.

Its nice seeing a young Yuuki kill it.

Oh my god is that the green painted peak on the top of the pyramid???

Nope, Boyd had the green one at one point, but it hasn’t been seen in years. That’s the “pre-OG” teal painted “c-foam” Peak.

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