why are peaks soooo hyped

I herd peaks sell out in 1-2 minutes sometimes,why?I also herd they dont even play good.
Is it really just looks or what?

I think CLYW just has some good marketing skills.

That is an opinion obviously.

Actually, peaks play amazingly. They are some of the smoothest yoyos to date, but the first run did have a tiny wobble. I think the main thing is that its one of the few “full sized” yoyos still produced. Many yoyo have been made undersize, especially after the popularity of the 888.

Also, the first run of painted peaks, there were only 90. They were also only released for $89.99. When people got word of how good they were, they really wanted them. However, Chris set aside the Peak for awhile to work on the Bear Versus Man, which also sold well. The Peak was kinda in waiting, and when it finally emerged almost two years later, it was like a boiling pot of water that you take the top off of after a long time, all the steam comes out.

I have herd that from multiple number of people,I have tried one and didnt like it.

Yet, it is still an opinion.

What edition did you try?

Also, name the people, please

By the way, when is the new release for them?

Yet, string breakage, vibe, wobble, and really bad bead blasting are NOT opinion. Go figure. Doesn’t matter what “edition” you play, some are just less bad than others.

Over-hyped in ways I can’t even describe.

It’s almost amusing to hear people talk about how nice they play these days. You can see and hear the same things in their words that someone not wanting to take “another fall down the stairs” might say. They’ll overlook flaw after flaw, and rationalize anything they have to, to avoid having to admit that their cool new Peak isn’t even close to the smoothest throw on the market. And for what people are willing to do and pay to get one, it darn well should be. I’m not paying for a Gruntbull ano job, and nothing else.

Inb4 the “Peak Mob” starts trying to feed me “it doesn’t have to be the smoothest! You just don’t understand!” line again. ;D

I agree Doc, I’ve played a new 28 Stories, and I would take my DNA over it anyday!! Not that it’s not a decent yoyo, but no where near as smooth as most of my YYF.

This is true. I Dryoyo did a review on one and it was mediocre. However, there is some wierd thing that people are “possessed” by a Peak. I believe Dryoyo still liked it though it had those flaws.

lets hope we can expect better from the wooly marmot and the bassalope!!! ;D

Smoothness does NOT make a yo-yo. I have a hulk smash peak and I absolutely love it. Sure it has a LITTLE vibe but it absolutely does not effect play.

It does to some people. These are WAY to Hyped.


(I would linkagebut it’s diff site so trying not to)

Some random person traded their Duncan MG and 25$ for a 28 Stories Peak and he couldn't even get one. Seriously? It was MINT? There is something wrong...

It’s not the yoyo, It’s the marketing. They have found the Key to comsumers minds and make them want it. With the CLYW contest and the Growing Team of Awesomeness they dont need to have the best playability yoyo, as long as they unlock the comsumers mind to buy it.


I think Peaks are top notch performers. Honestly, all you jealous people out there need to cool your buns…(Im about to get flamed :P)

Yes, I think they are overhyped. But really, its what the people want. They know its good. Let consumers be consumers, and just **** up about it. Seriously

Also, the stars implies “Shut” I dont want you guys to think it was the “F” word :wink:

I would love to try one if any one wants to send me one I’ll throw it and tell every one if it is worth it. LOL :wink:

Really? You honestly think it’s a top performer? You really think the people paying $300+ for these things in BSTs are getting a top performer?

It’s what the people want because it is over-hyped. No other reason. It’s the “cool” thing to have this trip around. I’d be much more willing to deal with it if it played comparable to most other high-end metals on the market, without having issues that need to be dealt with and/or fixed fresh out of the box. If I have to do “maintenance” to the thing fresh out of the box, you can keep it.

If I need to rub it with a sock to keep a string from breaking, you can keep it.

I still can’t believe the people that saved for days, weeks, months, whatever. That wouldn’t touch a new product for fear that the precious Peak could drop at any moment, and they’d miss out. Then, when they did drop, the virtual equivalent of a Wal-Mart Black Friday sale occured.

I’ve been real cool about keeping my opinion polite and, for the most part, to myself on this issue. This has ended, I assure you. When I openly and politely critiqued the Peak, I was ill-prepared for the veritable fountain of flamebait I was destined to receive.

Everything from “you don’t know what you’re talking about,” ad hominem nonsense about my appearance and weight, my “inability” to accept that the hype was caused by quality, and let’s not forget my personal favorite… and I quote… “you’re nothing to this community, and never will be.”

Yeah, over a yo-yo. I’m quite sure Chris got his fair share of this nonsense too, whether or not he’s willing to admit it. If I post a comment on his blog, I can’t help but notice it takes a while to show up. Hmm, I wonder if he’s screening them first? Don’t blame him in the least.

But, as I’ve said before, I certainly hope the hype sticks around and CLYW makes more runs. This last trip was a treasure trove of purchasing for me, as NOTHING in stock was moving. No one wanted to touch anything for fear if they did the Peak would drop ten minutes later. Made it real easy for me to snatch up stuff I wouldn’t have had a crack at under different circumstances.

Ben McPhee mentioned a while back that it was YYF’s intention to discontinue the DNA due to poor sales. Of course, some observant people were quick to tell him that NOTHING was selling, due to Peak anticipation. If I recall correctly, Ben said that “they [YYF] treat the market as rational, even if it isn’t” in response to this. While I can’t say I agree with that as a business practice, I also don’t run YoYoFactory, and it’s beside the point in any case.

What I can tell you, medically speaking, is that Peak Fever is a nasty affliction. It apparently attacks your DNA. Rough business.

The tragedy now is that the Peaks are gone, and some really awesome new stuff is in the pipe. The new M1 colors, the P2, the colored TFLs, the DV888, a potential retooling of the Catch 22, whatever the heck hSpin is hinting at on their currently down website, you get the idea. But now it’s back to competing with everyone else for them as usual. :’(

Of course, should they improve the Peak a bit, I’ll be right there with credit card in hand to get one. I think they’re kinda neat, and I really wish they held up to the hype. Should a day come when they do, I’ll be glad to throw one until my arm falls off.

I think my decision to not actually own a new Peak wasn’t based on jealousy, as you’re obviously stating in your post. I’m never lacking in funds to buy anything new on the yo-yo scene that I want, and I suppose I’m just as capable as anyone else of camping a website and hitting F5 like a frantic howler monkey.

I’d like to think the decision was more based on me not being completely insane, but that’s just my take on it.

i never tried one hahahah

i think it’s a top performer. there are only a few yo-yo’s in my collection i’d pick up before my 1st run or raw, and most of those are wood. it should be noted that it’s only this latest release that’s involved any sock-rubbing, and i’d have no sweat doing that to get one to play like mine do. should it come perfect and flawless? sure. but so should every yo-yo you slap down your hard-earned money for… and that’s not reality. every manufacture can cite issues they’ve had with quality control. the peak is still a good yo-yo, and if people want to shell out for it, i don’t think it’s anyone’s cosmic duty to stop them. i still have my original #16, and have had people offer me $400+ for it. take that for what it’s worth i guess.

peaks are hyped because they’re really good yo-yo’s (i speak for the 2 i own and the 10+ i’ve played). their original release was the subject of heated conjecture for months, they were at the outset extremely limited, and pretty much every variation has been aesthetically dynamic. chris has kept it going by adding a stellar team, and he has an active presence on the boards. it’s a proven recipe for hype.

people tend to pick a yo-yo to latch on to and hold up as something special. the peak is a special yo-yo independent of that, but peoples’ reactions shouldn’t get you down. there will always be fanboys that are more obsessed with the acquisition of product than with that of skill.

everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but i’d advise you not to get too caught up in what “should be” as far as the market drama goes. in my experience, it almost never makes the impact we want. speak with your wallet, and leave the rest to the people who have a professional stake in it.

and howler monkeys don’t have computers.

I have come to stumble over a “truth” about these Peaks. They are worth the money, but are they worth the hassle? No. A lot of people buying Peaks are taking advantage of the hype. Yes they do fly out of stock faster than I can eat, but maybe an hour later or so you see them in BST for three times more than it originally was. Why? Probably because people earn money on DocRobot’s “howling F5 pressing monkeys”.

Addment: Yest they cost a fling more than 100 dollars, but that’s just the starting price. You also have to spend a lot of TIME and EFFORT.

I get alot of spam, that is why I screen them. I don’t delete anything that is not a valid comment. I didn’t think that you wanted viagra adds though.

I tries the Sebby edition peak, and it had zero problems. It was pretty much perfect.