Don't Believe The Hype

Wow. I had a huge mess typed out. I deleted it. Let’s make this short and sweet.

Folks, I love the Peak. You should, too. It’s a great yo. But don’t go to ridiculous lengths to get one unless you actually want one. The Peak isn’t the key to the front door of the Cool Kid’s Club, and it’s not something you should be buying now just to charge $300+ for it later, it’s just a good yo-yo.

The Noctu, HZH, and VK are all great as well.

Interestingly enough, they all didn’t sell out in five minutes flat. Literally. In fact, they’re all still available in great numbers. Pick one up.

When the newly initiated ask us “which yo-yo is better?” what’s our now-traditional response? Yeah, that’s right. Personal preference.

“Well, what do you want in a yo-yo?”

“There’s no better yo-yo! Get the one you want!”

All this sound familiar? Are we, as a whole, suggesting that one single yo is leaps and bounds better than anything else currently on the market?

Why, then, are we making exceptions to the rules all of a sudden?

Food for thought.

I think a lot of people want to buy the peak because of the hype.
But I also think that quite a lot of people want it now because the HULK SMASH one sold out so fast. I mean the first batch was gone in 5 minutes, but the second batch lasted even less, only around 2 minutes! That also supports my theory that people saw the first batch go and thought: “Wow, these are hard to get. I want one!”
Anyway, the peak is a great yoyo and CLYW are getting a lot of profit out of it so I’m sure they will create lots of new awesome yoyos for people to go crazy about. :wink:

that’s just nuts, All the yoyo’s out there that people are making are just as good. All the yoyofactory, one drops,etc. are great yoyos. People are hyping up the Peak like it is God.

Peaks are definently hyped. I have to agree with you docrobot, and I can’t see why the Noctus aren’t sold out yet, they look wild. But there’s also a lot of other yoyos which should be good enough to sell out. For example the Ghost Pyro. I can’t see the reason why the peak is selling out much faster than other yoyos.

I think the Peak’s sold out so fast because a few reasons.

  1. The colors were awesome looking. I have to admit I have never played a CLYW yoyo, but that is one I would have bought because of the looks of it. Not to mention, I heard they were nice yoyo’s and I planned on getting at least one anyway, so that would have been the one.

  2. A lot of people on here have hyped up CLYW so much that newer people to the sport who haven’t tried out different yoyo’s are led to believe that it’s the end all be all of a yoyo. And by buying one, it can make you an awesome player. When they need to take away from the forums here exactly what Doc said. There are a TON of great yoyo’s on the market, and the BEST yoyo is simply the one you LIKE THE BEST!

  3. The main reason is MARKETING!!! You tell someone there are only a few runs, get yours while they last, and what do you think people are gonna do??? GET THEM AS FAST AS THEY CAN!! Props to CLYW for creating the urgency on this product to make them sell out so fast. I honestly would have bought one if I could.

I didn’t know much about this release until I went on YYN’s new release page and saw that it had sold out so quickly. I have never used a CLYW yoyo before, but i know they are high quality and very sought after. I think the reason the hype is so huge is because it isn’t that often that this company releases a new model. DocRobot and everyone else are correct. Just because this model is selling like hotcakes doesn’t mean that it is the greatest yoyo on the market. There are plenty of other yoyos out there that can match the performance of this model.

However, at least the Peak is out. While I do agree that there are great yoyos out there, people should be able to get what they want. I do like how YYN is doing it as fair as possible, but still, people need to calm down.

That being said:


You Won’t Ever Throw :wink:

But seriously you can’t be sure when it’s going to be released. If ever.

Does anyone know where I can get a BvM or if there will be anymore runs?

I got one of those Hype Smash… I mean Hulk Smash edition Peaks. I have wanted a Peak for a while, and I am unwilling to pay more then retail, so it was perfect. That said, it is a very very rare occurance that I drop 115 on a yo-yo. All the yo-yo’s I review, either gifted to me or I traded for.

I just can’t believe the amount that a good number of people are willing to pay above retail to get one. I’m glad you were able to get one, as most other who wanted one didn’t.

Tell me, will you be doing a review of it?

oh yeah

Ok, good to hear!

Can you tell me something up front, though? Honestly?

Is the vibe still there?

I’ll let you know

my mom bought me one of the painted ones for xmas in 06. just signed on, they happened to be there, and she bought it. they were sold out in like 21 minutes or something. i was pretty thrilled, and i’ve been pretty thrilled with it since. i bought a raw one off chris last summer so i wouldn’t have to worry about destroying the “pretty” one, which i was beginning to do. ordinarily, i’m not like that about yo-yo’s, but i don’t regret it. i love the raw as well.

i think the peak is just as deserving as any yo-yo in terms of the bolus of hype it’s received. it deserves to be coveted and desired, because it plays and looks great. there’s a thread at es just like this one, but about the bapezilla, and i see them as two sides of the same coin (or d&d die, more like). there are just these yo-yo’s sometimes, maybe one every 2 years or so, that people just try to latch all their dreams onto and freak out about. i imagine it’s sort of a relief for some people to do so, because the having of a thing is a lot simpler than using it to its potential, and i think a lot of people hide behind “the having”. as if to say, “are you a good yo-yoer?” “well, i’ve got a peak.” that’s obviously hyperbole, but i believe some people inwardly justify themselves that way.

i have nothing but love for chris mikulin, and i think he’s clearly hit on a yo-yo that resonates with the community. however, anyone who believes that owning any yo-yo will make them more of a yo-yoer is toiling in delusion.

^ That last line is so intelligently constructed