So uhh.... Peaks?

Heres some background: I quit yoyo-ing for a few years and I just got back again this month. I sold my Sebby for 175$ but now Im seeing them for ALOT more.

What happened that it costs so much now?

CLYW became much more popular

I guess you can say everything has a better “reputation” now? haha I mean in terms of the champions that use specific yoyos or design them… or just the hype that a specific brand has.

But of course there are always those with low reputation, low price and HIGH performance :smiley:

Hype happened.


Most accurate description ever.

Times like these where I really wish my time-machine didn’t break.

Honestly, there prices have sunk a little bit. I saw a mint hulk smash peak go for $125*

it’s the painted ones that are so expensive

*Since I’ve been asked to provide documentation for this transaction. I will say this; people get on the BST and dump their old collections for cheap all the time, and they get snatched up. Just because one came up for $125 doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen for you. Yesterday a Loaded General Yo Torrent 2 sold for like $75 bucks… I would have paid like… $200 for that… So yeah, sometimes stuff just pops up cheaaaaaaap.

Peaks were discontinued…

Yeah lol that’s why I thought they were worth so much now haha

How did you sell a Sebby Peak for that much ??? Almost 100 of them were made

I actually think the Peak plays amazing. Honest, no hype BS or anything, I think it’s a good yoyo. A $300+ yoyo? Maybe not. But I’d love to have one.

Yeah. They do play good. But still, hypeeeeeee.

All hype. ALLL HYPE. I spent almost 3 years looking for one I didnt have to buy, or trade too much. Finally got one for an AC I got for free pretty much, and was super dissapointed. Its just an oversized wooly marmot, well the wooly marmot is an undersized peak if you want to be technical. It was pretty fun, kinda floaty, but not very. ALso found it to be rather unstable. Got a great deal IMO selling it at 230

Huh, the FG Peak I played played fantastic. Super stable, slept long enough for my long combos, and I just felt like a part of yoyo past when I played it :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude you dont know anything, It is garbage and thats that.

JK, I know a lot of people like it, I will just stick to my majesties.

When I read that first part I was like “Is this the same dingo54 we all know?” Then I read the second part an was like “aaaaahhhhhhh there he is”

But yeah, tis all opinion like always.

I wasn’t too fond of the peak. Wasn’t too fond of any early CLYW tbh. Marmots are ok, but too unstable. It’s still a fun yoyo. Now the gnarwhal. THAT’s A YOYO.

Yeah it was not bad, but not my cup of tea. Part of the reason I didn’t like it is because they are rare ands so expensive I wanted to get rid of it for a good price since it wasn’t crazy good to me.

I had 2 peaks before. The reason why people loved it was because it was the best CLYW yoyo Caribou offered in its time. CLYW was very popular but they only offered the Wooly Marmot, BvM, Bassalope and the Peak, so the logic was: collect something that plays OK while looking good, right? Now it’s pretty much outdated because of the new throws they offer which FYI looks as good, or even better, than the peak colorways. So, whats with this hype?

Eh, I still want one. I’ve thrown a few, and they all play really different from one another. But if I get one and it plays like my marmot (which it should) I’ll be happy. I love my marmot.