So uhh.... Peaks?

I don’t believe it’s hype at all. CLYW makes great yoyos and the Peak was the first yoyo they made. How much would a GenYo first run Torrent go for? Peaks have been selling for a lot more money than I’ve expected but for rare color ways it makes sense. I wish I would have saved my Peaks. Probably could have bought a new car by now. Haha. Recently I bid $250 on a Hulk Smash on ebay that sold for $426.79. If a first run 28 Stories showed up I’d be willing to guess it would sell for $750 to $1000. Crazy because when I first got into yoyos my friend had a first and second run 28 Stories and a few other Peaks.

Speaking of saving peaks, what happened to attybud’s 40+ peak collection?

He sold them.

Prematurely or when it was ripe?

Actually I should say he sold them all. I just remember him selling a lot of them last year. And I believe it was before the resale value was so high. But Bud was always so cool and had great deals. He never cared about the money.

His collect was awesome.

Why did he sell all of them? Why not keep a few 1-5 of his favorites…

I was watching the Ed Hapoink Eh video and If you look at the part where he has a bunch of throws just piled in the center is an OG Peak. Just lying there.

Im not sure where you saw a mint hulk smash sell for that low but I just watched a mib hulk smash on eBay sell for 450something. Then just a few days ago I was beat out im a raspberry maple drip and I bid $330 and still lost. I think I would of felt worse actually winning it though cause that’s way to much for a yoyo. 3 is enough.

Read my note at the bottom. : P

It was on the BST in April. It was snatched up within probably 15 minutes

Wish I had my all my old Peaks :’( I could pay off my student loans with that money.

Just wanna say, I don’t personally value a Peak at $125… (much more actually). Just stating what I had seen. In late March, Early April a lot of peaks were being sold/bought and that’s just one little occurrence that I had noticed.

Peaks were actually very good yoyos.
Large, quite stable, solid, yet floaty, classy shape, it’s really one of the only yoyos that I can honestly say “plays like nothing else”.


I don’t either, I agree with you. Its good to see the prices are coming down a little. Them going for obscene amounts of money was insane, I’m glad the prices are gradually getting lower. I’ve passed on so many opportunities to get a Peak it’s not even funny. I could’ve bought a third run when hey were originally released at YYN. Buuuuttt I didn’t. I passed on a mint Hulk Smash for like $100.

I want a Peak, but I don’t want to pay more than $125-$150 for it.

Well that $125 peak wasn’t actually that much. When the guy put it up on the BST I immediately PM’d him and he told me he got an offer of $175 but in the end he put it on eBay and that is the one you probably seen on eBay.

I personally love the peak and but one thing that is discouraging is that a select few people always take every mint peak that ever pops up even if they already have that colorway. Its the luck of the draw and up to who’s faster but it bugs me when people buy yoyos just to put hoard them. That’s just my opinion. I like collecting yoyos but I throw all of mine on a regular basis. I just hate seeing yoyos boxed up

On a different note I wish Chris would make a new Peakish yoyo called Everest or something. Have it be the same shape and look but have a 60mm dia. Might not work but its a thought I wish could cone true :slight_smile:

I put a $421 bid on ebay for a mint with box hulk smash , lost . the winner would have got it for 300 if I didn’t bid . I just bought one on the b/s/t for 170 not mint but I’m glad I didn’t pay over 400 !

Half winter green, half wolf lake. small marks on rim. didn’t get here yet but I’m stoked ! I have 20 clyw s and never thrown a peak… yet !

That’s the thing it’s not mint. Does it mean I would wanna pay almost 300 bucks more for a mint one? Not really cause im not gonna pay that much for a yoyo but 100% mint peaks are way harder to find cause its old and probably was thrown at the ground thousands of times so that’s a lot of chances for catastrophe :slight_smile: I bought a mib hulk smash a while ago for 200 and a few days after owning it dropped it off my lap getting out of the car. Needless to say it ruined my day even though it only got two pinpricks. My crowning jewel though is still the mib Frozen Mammoth Peak. Wish they would do that colorway on some new stuff.

Half winter green, half wolf lake. small marks on rim. didn’t get here yet but I’m stoked ! I have 20 clyw s and never thrown a peak… yet !

That’s pretty sweet looking :slight_smile: has a minty bape look while spinning.]