What's this peak worth?


First run hulk smash 4 pinpricks, one tiny flatspot smaller than a pinprick, I can’t find it anymore.

I figured this should maybe be in help section, but it’s still about yoyos. BTW I’m no gettin rid of it for anything, just curious

(2Sick Joey) #2

What’s it really worth? $85

What someone ill-blinded by hype would pay? $200-$300


I agree, but I’m not complaining. But id still pay 125 gladly beacause they are nice


I’d pay $150 if I had cash. I honestly like how they play. You seriously need to understand that people will pay a lot of money for CLYWs, and there’s nothing you can do about. Complaining about hype only creates more hype.


It’s Really worth what people are currently paying. That’s in the 150+ range depending how clean it is and smooth. Whether people like it or not the market is there and plenty willing to fork over cash. Me included :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with ^^^ the more you put your 2 cents in YoMag the more “hype” you help to create.

… As you were


Wouldn’t be worth more than 85-90.

Peaks really aren’t even that rare.

I mean, they are rare, but not too hard to find on the BST.


ill bet you 100$ i can get 200 in 3 days



(2Sick Joey) #10

I told him what it was worth. I answered his question and in that post I didn’t complain about hype nor did I complain about price. I have no interest in peaks. I owned my share and it’s nothing out of the ordinary.


First run hulk smash? No such thing exists. There was one batch of hulk smash peaks, and they were all second run models.


I’ve seen many hulk smash peaks on the BST. It seems to be the most common peak to find on the BST.

To answer you question, I’d say around $90. But it really just depends how much someone is willingly to pay for it.


I have Jensen’s Hulk Smash from ‘In the Blue Corner’…whats that worth?


250 or 275 like mine, him owning it doesn’t change anything. And that price is if its near mint


That’s definitely not a near mint price. It seems that you came in here just to gloat about the yoyo you have since you actually have a price in mind which you just stated.

I still can’t believe how expensive these have gotten since they were right up there as the worst run of peaks when they came out. I think the sebastian brock ones are the only worse playing.


No, that’s what people told me


Didn’t people say $85-$90?

Edit: Oh, okay $200-$300 for the crazy fanboys.


I’d like to have it so I can strip that disgusting colorway off.


Wasn’t Hulk Smash originally Jensens signature colorway?


It was The Incredible Hulk’s colorway, obviously. ::slight_smile: