how much does the hulk smash CLYW

I wanna get one but not sure how much they run. I like that gnarwhal but how muych do the other hulk smashs run

what is this supposed to mean? elaborate and im sure people would be more inclined to answer your question friend

They run like Forrest Gump !!

Ya. Hulk smash isn’t a yoyo its just a colorway and just about every clyw throw has had a hulk smash colorway done on it. I just picked up a mib hulk smash peak for 250. Not sure if it was the best deal ever but im happy

The hulk smash colorway ranges from full price (buying new when they come out), to whatever people want to sell them for. I’d say $60 (beat)-$140 (mint) depending on condition, unless it happens to be a peak, then it’s all out the window for the price range.