FT/FS CLYW Hulk Smash Edition Peak. LF: Superstar,MVP,Punchline.

I have a Hulk smash edition peak and id like to sell it.
There is a ano scuff mark on it, other then that it is mint!
The scuff is pictured!
This thing is beaut, Sadly it does not get alot of throwing time, so it must find a new home /tear.

All throws must be Mint/Close to mint
LB CLYW (Bassalope or Marmot)
Will add money for Yoyorec.
YYF Superstar/Primo/MVP
Cash Money (I will accept Money order for sure, working on paypal)
Just offer up! If something you would think is a good trade but isnt listed above, feel free to offer!
Do not want -YYJ’s, Plastics, Skylines!
Thanks guys!

ik you said no pleastics but how about a protostar and 30 bucks i mean the protostar is mint and plays with the best of the metals and will come with a centertrack please dude i want a clyw so bad and yours is beast

I would give you stardust v.1 with satined rim and small vibe. It have rare color way(gold) and tuned axle for your peak + 3bucks. deal?

Edit-Sorry I meant to pm this…

b-grade 888 and fh2???

lol, your plastic crusade continues.

Pm’d all yall.
Please PM offers from now on.
Yoyo is available.

I just got offered 40 dollars…haha. No low ballz pwease.

I PM’d you earlier… What do you think? C-13?

ez mate, sent a pm :wink:

This bad boy is super pending!!! Awaiting package from another trader. Consider it sold!

hey im lookin for somethin not to pricy. how much cash money are we talkin???

its gone, dont bring up the old news