How Much Do You Think I'd Get?

I picked up a near mint Peak a month or two ago for …gulp… 300 dollars. Yeah, I was a fool, when there was a HS that just sold for 180. But then again, that was NOW. Haha.

It’s around the same condition apart from this ONE SMALL PINPRICK.
It came with the graphite-like mark, which I assume was an ano flaw, and the little scratch that didn’t go through ano.

I don’t play with it at all, it’s more of a paperweight, than a yoyo, unfortunately, and I was thinking about letting go of it.

However, how much would I even get for it?

Here’s the weird little mark.


Pinprick (By the bright light on the right half)

Realistically, I’d pay around $90 for it, but some crazy CLYW collector or fan would probably be willing to pay $200-$300. I guess you just have to have the right kind of buyer.

Oh yeah. That’s true. Like how the people with Yetis try to sell.

To be honest I would pay maybe $100 dollars or less. I could try to haggle bring you down to maybe $80 but $100 seems to be the maximum I would pay for something like this.

I could see someone buying it for $150+

I think there’s a couple people that would be comfy around $150

One of my yoyos has that too. I just thought it was because it was a cheap Chinese metal, but I guess not. Does anyone know what these marks are from?

Wait 5 years and Peaks will most likely be non existent.

I was the one who got the hs peak for 180. Just a matter of who I bought from, the guy was an awesome seller and merely wanted the yoyo to go to a good home.