A good laugh via Ebay



Honestly who would ever pay this for a non mint fools gold peak? Just thought I would share this insanity. Probably is the guy taking offer on the forum.

I just get a kick out of people who are super greedy with selling stuff. Sure you can price your stuff at whatever you want but there’s no way anybody would even touch that yoyo for your starting bid let alone your buy it now.




its jetct on the forums because his ebay username is jetct6. Perhaps? ???

(Waylon) #4

Plus $7 shipping. Heh.


Ya probably. I just think its a bit insane. I have bought 2 mint peaks (hulk smash and very rare frozen mammoth) for under that starting bid combined. Ya peaks have went up in price but not that much and the fools gold is one of the least desired peaks next to the Sebby (which I love my sebby and its the smoothest of all 3l

(2Sick Joey) #6

He’s asking MIB OG Peak type of money lol…


Someone just bought it!!!


I was thinking about offering the guy 130 for the peak but now I can see our numbers are WAAAAYYY OFF lol

(2Sick Joey) #9

no one bought it…it’s still up

If anyone offer more then $60 for that then they are crazy


That’s even funnier but no… no they didn’t :slight_smile:


Exactly I felt like 130 was a very generous offer.


Peaks lately have been going for stupid prices and honestly I love them a lot but I would like the prices to get back down to earth. Expecially for non mint ones. I bet he got it for 100-150 and now is setting the price up in the stars. Super greedy cause if he loved it that much he wouldn’t be trying to sell it. I dont care how much the prices go up my peaks will be buried with me.


$500 and no big on a Fools Gold Hulk Smash?

I think maybe it’s not mind because the guy has been hit in the head with it one too many times.


I saw that a couple days ago. Outrageous.


oh man… i was gonna get it… but that $7 shipping is just too much





I bought a FG Peak just like this at Worlds a few years ago for $30.


Maybe he thought he put 50$starting bid and 80$ buy it now hahaa Jk but damn 500$



I always check ebay for CLYW, YYF, YYJ, and General yo. I don’t know how I didn’t see this.