Ebay auctions gone nuts .


I was just looking threw Ebay competed listings to see if I could find my 28s campfire that I was thinking Of posting on my b/s/t . When I came across a couple of past crazy priced CLYW auctions . I bid on a mint hulk smash peak a couple of months ago . It would of sold for $300 if I didn’t bid . after ebay and paypal fees the seller would of gotten around $250 . But I just needed 2 more mint clyw’ s to complete my set , so I put in a crazy bid of $422 at the last sec. the first bidder had a higher back bid of who know s how high . But that day I seemed to set the market value on that yoyo , I’ve even seen one on a b/s/t ware they said they heard one went for 450 so I expect $400 in trade worth of clyw .
It coast 10% on ebay plus paypal — A B/S/T price should reflect the fact that your not paying Ebay for the right to sell your item .


^^^Totally adds to the discussion. (On the last forum I was on, one word posts were not allowed because all it does is boost your post count. Doesn’t matter though :P)

Yeah, I check eBay all the time. I bet you’re the one who keeps screwing up my bids :l. I know what you mean though, I was betting on a mint bassalope and I was like “cool.” This other bid it up to around 200, and I was like "Nah, I hope you drop it after you open your mailbox. " :smiley:


I’m sorry, I didn’t get this…


I payed way to much last time I was on ebay , scored 2 mint 5stars one first and one second run .


I’s just a rant about ebay . and overpaying in the heat of the moment , and peoples expectations of value based off of what they seen .


Just for this thread, I grabbed my Hulk Smash Peak and blasted it, leaving some green around the nipples so you know what it was. :slight_smile:



I see now.


whaaaa??? did i miss something?




Blasting a Hulk Smash Peak seems like a shame to me. Oh well, everyone to their own I guess.

On a happy note, I actually just won a mint YYF G5 #002. Awesome.


I always get awesome deals on ebay, but only because I get lucky sometimes or I just search harder than other people. Believe it or not, there are some people who bought old CLYW yoyos and haven’t touched them in years so they list it on ebay as a Metal Yoyo and nobody sees it because you have to search through over 1,000 results to find it.


On Ebay?


Yes, it was on ebay. I saw it earlier today and the high bid was only 31 dollars. I thought maybe I should bid on it, but I don’t really want a G5, and that one seems more like a collectors item.


I checked the Ebay completed listings and can’t seem to find it. Do you have a link?


yeah I saw that g5 #2 on ebay. I was gonna bid on it just b/c it was at a low number but I didn’t want one really,however would take it gladly for $40 or whatever it was at. Wasn’t it black on one side and silver on the other and had that hypnotic swirl on both sides? Or was that another one I saw?


Here’s the link to it:

It was at 30 up until the last second and someone bid up to $39. I won it at that price.

I had my max bid set at $70, so I’m very happy. And yes, It is black on one side and silver on the other with swirls.


That’s the deal of the century right there! How do you guys find this stuff?! Do you go in looking for something specific, or just look around?


Great score, Salty!


Wow, is this G5 more special than other G5’s?

I’ve been looking for a G5 for quite a while and this one is a beauty. Is it really the second G5 made or something?

It sounded like Vegabomb got a little excited there, I want to hear what he says.

This G5 is now one of the stars in my collection.



??? Just wondering