My lucky find a few years back

I was working and got on yyn back in the day. I missed the first peak since they sold so fast. A couple days later I found two of these for sale since somebody had to cancel there order. I just wish I’d have bought both in stead of just the one.

This thing is still in mint condition :slight_smile:

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Oh my word… That’s really a sight for sore eyes. Be prepared for the massive amount of trade/sale offers you are going to get on it…

Really all the words that can be said.

What… how?
How is this even possibru
This might be like one of two mint specimens out there, of the extremely rare peakicus airbrushicus

0_0 You’re probably gonna get a lot of offers from Nehemiah, even if it’s not for sale lol

That’s $1000 easy.

Great find! Can I ask what it set you back?

Definitely a Lucky find!

I think back in the day, these Peaks retailed for less than special Yeti’s lol

That brought a tear to my eye…

Oooooh pretty!!


I know. Jebus made that yoyo. Thanks jebus!

Possibly the most desirable/valuable individual production run CLYW item in existence. A true collectible in truly collectible condition. Very nice.

No, that’s just straight up the most desirable/valuable yoyo in existence. Wow, what an amazing piece.

Take good care of it! There are very few left in mint condition.

Wow. Pretty. Someone might offer you a yeti for it.

Being serious, that thing is incredible. I remember when the peak dropped. I hate myself every day for not getting one or two or ten when Chris sold them for $60 at the MWR BBQ.

Wow! Yea a $1000 out of my pocket would be a no brainer.

See there is already $1000 on the table from me and my offer.

Very nice!

Thats beautiful man…

What’s your address and do you have dogs or a security system? Are you a light sleeper? Do you press charges for stolen yoyos?