What's the most sought after yoyo in the world?


3rd run peak?

(SR) #2

1. The OG Levi Painted Peak

Well, Peaks in general are the most sought after yoyos in the world, but to own a OG Levi Painted Peak, that’s incredible. 50 were made, and there are an estimated two mint OG Levi Painted Peaks left in the world. This is one of them, and you’ll never get your hands on one. haha

All credit to Reefyo for the picture. It’s by far my favorite picture of an OG Peak, and incredible that it’s mint. He’s a lucky guy to have a yoyo like that.

Here’s one last picture of the beauty:

Credit to YYN for the pic. (RIP)

2. The 1st Run 28 Stories Edition Peak


If there was a second place award, this would get it. This colorway is sought after in General, but the 1st Run Peak started it all. Too bad you won’t even come close to getting one unless you have at the minimum $500 to drop on it.


o hai thar

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I scrolled down the page and my mouth literally fell open upon the sight of this picture. I’ve never seen your Peaks before. Elephark, I think I love you. haha

That’s absolutely incredible, there are no words that can describe how awesome that is. Huge chunk of CLYW history right there.


I can think of 2 other mint peak owners besides the one you stated right now

I think The END deserves an honorable mention but I have to agree the peak is unfortunately the most sought after yoyo now. I remember when everyone wanted an oxy 4 or metal hitman :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve shown off many of my yoyos…I got tired of constant bombardment with quasi-serious offers to buy my crap that isn’t for sale. But that’s a rant for another thread.


I asked my dad to buy me an OG Peak. He said “sure how much does it cost?” facepalm


og torrent.


Hm. If your a actual yoyoer, I think the peak would be very sought after.

But if your a collector, probably some old vintage duncan would be.


Without a doubt, Russell.

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Taken this from Jason Wong’s Thread

He has well over 30 peaks I do believe


What makes peaks so special? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I don’t have many clyw’s.


They are rare. They dont play amazing but they r good


Also they r CLYW 's first jojo


Ti Walkers are pretty sought-after. Not as much as OG Peaks, though.

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Like all yoyo’s everyone has their own preferences.