Top 10 Sought After Throws


Alright, we often are calling throws rare, but which are truly the most sought after?

I do not think of limited colorway throws as necessarily sought after. I personally think high numbers made with low availability due to people not wanting to sell are sought after.

So far, I’m thinking:

  1. OG Painted Peak (50 made)
  2. Ti-Walker (90 made)
  3. OG Torrent (60 made)
  4. Sovereign
  5. Dert (models vary, couple hundred total)
  6. Bapezilla (400 made)
  7. Magnum (48 made)
  8. 07 888 (approx. 1300 made)
  9. Walter (100 production made)

Agree? Disagree? What do you think should be added? Will be updated accordingly.


Walters come to mind, I think there are under 100 (correct me if wrong). Rarer Canvases, Søvereigns, Markmont projects and anything by Northern spin co. are pretty limited too I believe


Walter, maybe Sovereign

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Anything from Russ Andert. It’s rare but also still impossible to get when someone puts it up for sale since so many still want his stuff. Irony JPX is pretty popular as well.


There’s a fine line between hard to find and sought after. I have to agree with the Walter and Derts. Crow’d fusions are hard to find, but they aren’t sought after by many, for example.

#6  Can confirm the walter’s numbers


Awesome, thanks.

How do you all feel about Ends, Bapes, Chiefs?


og peak, tiwalker, sovereign, draupnir

most everything else that is sought after is just a flavor of the month type of thing that everyone suddenly wants just because 1 or 2 guys really wanted one so other people think they might be missing out (see: current walter hype). i could probably make any random hard to find yoyo be extremely sought after just by blasting various BSTs with a post looking for the yoyo. id put stuff like derts, rare fhzs, playmaxx stuff, antiyos in a separate much more niche category since the majority of people simply do not even care that these yoyos exist but some of us would give life and limb to fill in the gaps in our collection

i didnt want to put draupnir on the list since it is in production and there are a ton out there but every time a new run is released the units all move very quickly

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #9

Wooly marmot 2.


oh dear…


Something about canvases? and what about grind mutants?


See that’s what I mean, how many people realistically are looking for a grind mutant? I’m in no way taking away from it, but I don’t know if it’s top ten.

How do you all feel about the C22?


Are we talking about collectors who have a sickness? ;). That’s one thing - but if we are talking about, like, universally sought after - for being an actually great yoyo…

I love CLYW but the hype for peaks and yetis is weird to me. For legit use and being an awesome yoyo - I think there are more people who do pine for a WM2 than a peak. I know I’d rather have my WM2 than a yeti or peak combined.


I think the catch 22 has some desirability.


Metal milk and metal hitman were ones that came to mind.

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #16

What do you mean by that I mean it’s pretty desirable and discontinued now.

And it’s One of the rares which get desirability because of play.


I have to disagree, yes they’re good, but they aren’t too hard to find.

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #18

Yeah that’s right I was saying because it’s discontinued.


That is true, but only recently.

For instance, the metal milk and metal hitman are super old, but who’s looking for them. This is of course very subjective.

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #20

Yeah totally subjective.