Top 10 Sought After Throws


Sb Basselope (In mint condition)? I am sure that there are fewer sb than lb out there. Bape, Eetsit, Fluchs, Gouda(1 of 10 I believe), BSP, Busine$$ and pretty much any other Anti-yo out there.


Galactic Goose, 7075 Chief?

Magnum, USA Hatrick

Spyy Pure, OG Radian, Full Metal Jacket Radian, Og Addict, Og Spyder.

All of these come to my mind


Magnum I have to agree with. I’ve seen a bunch of people trying to track down one of those.


There are so many Anti Yo that would fall under the rarest of the rare.


I have heard very few things about the Anti-yo countach but there are literally none out there. I have only ever seen a countach on Sonny Patrcick’s Instagram.


I believe Jake Bullock has one too. Back to that big question though, how many people are looking for it?


Raises hand

This guy is.


Moonwalker for sure. People would give an arm and a leg for that thing.


Seconded. I’d love a new Anti-yo design.




I’m surprised the Sovereign is on that list. It’s the only one I have on the list, and I have two of them. They practically fell in my lap too, one of them kinda cheap too. :-\


Modified to be more on topic:

Any Black Bip Bop CLYW

Any Levi Peaks




OG Milk (Talk about a classic, and a precedent for sure)


Death By Yoyo: Gung-Fu, Fast-Foo?

Vsnyyc: G3T?

YYR: OG Stardust, Stardust 2, Third Impact, PerfectStar, Jealousy.

YYF: 07 888(Especially Higby, Ocho8ocho, Euro, Spingear, sb Shadow, sb Stealth, sb Team), Sabatoge G5.

og Freehand?


What does the character and misdeeds of the designer have to do with his yoyos being ‘sought after’?

Heath screwed up and spent some donation money. He didn’t Kill anybody. He doesn’t lead a life of crime. He doesn’t wear a trench coat and give candy to little kids. He just made a serious error in judgement. And his punishment will be him remembering what he did for the rest of his life. Erasing his effort in Yoyo design history is simply Rediculous and pointless.

I have 2 Ti-Walkers. I have hundreds of yoyos. I have absolutely no issues about playing and enjoying the Ti-Walkers.

What should be put to rest is the notion that when a person screws up we have to bury them under the Courthouse.

I wasnt happy at all with what he did either. And I posted it about that waaay back then.

Never forget the old saying, ‘When you Point the finger at another, look at your hand. You will notice 3 fingers on your hand are pointing back at you’.

Everybody screws up some time in their life… everybody. Heaths’ screw-up just happened to go Public.

I’ve had more offers for my Ti-walkers than any other yoyos I own.

Ti-Walkers are as sought after as anything I am aware of.


Thanks for all the input!

JohnnyJ, I agree, how many made are we talking, 32 I believe?

TA, while I do believe the sovereign deserves to be somewhere up there, perhaps the 4 spot is a bit generous. Where do you think it should be placed.

LEDGER, I agree with assorted BBB, especially chief/Avalanche.

S3TH, the 07 888’s I totally agree make top 10, but do you know about how many were made?

Before I change anything, what do you all think should be booted, or where should the order be switched? Also, the TiWalker is one of the only throws that is over 5 years old and is still mentioned here weekly, I am in agreement with yoyodoc, it’s here to stay.


The End



Dont forget that butterfly xt :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I didn’t know they were ranked on the list in order of the most sought after. That’s pretty cool that you’re ranking them as well. If I have two of those, how about we keep it at #4 (shhhhh). :wink:



Yyr Jealousy? I know there are a lot of people who were looking for one.


Here’s the numbers:
Large Bearing Models
1st Run Aqua-??? All I know is that it was a small batch
Asia Exclusive(Half Gold Half Red)-100
Euro Exclusive(Half Dark Blue Half Gold)-80
Japan Nats/Spingear Edition(Half Silver Half Magenta)-72?
Ocho8Ocho Cinco De Mayo(Half Green Half Red)-50
Pre-Pro silver-30? Edition-50
Higby(Half Pink Half Blue)-120
Augie Fash(Purple)-50

Small Bearing Models
Team Edition(Half Blue Half Silver)-75
Augie Fash(Orange)-40
Cherry(Black Hardcoat)??

Small Bearing Silver-20
Jason Lee-72
Steve Brown 888s came in Black, Red and a few Purple. All I know is that there were 100 originally made plus 22 made from old 07 stock in 08 to fullfill royalties to steve.

There are approximately 1241 07 888s out there.

As you can see I have done my research and yet I still do not own one yet…


If you look for the one throw that’s been asked for week after week, month after month, by the largest number of people, we all know its gotta be one throw.

The Freaking Yeti.

After it is sold, the demand will plummet until no one has them anymore.