Top 10 Sought After Throws


missing the cris fraser 888 which was the last run of 07 888’s


A lot more than a 100 derts were made
(standard 6061 pad recessed, 6061 sili recessed, 7075 sili recessed, eli dert, baby dert, ti dert, team edition derts, some other one offs he sold as well)

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #43

General yo I don’t any specifically.


Do you know how many were made? I also forgot the Aussie gold highwall 888’s-20 made.


Added 07 888’s.

Do you all think the BBB color way should be added?


It is sought after by many but, I think that if it were to be on a top 10 list that it should be on a top 10 sought after color way list instad of a top 10 sought after throw list. Basically every clyw made with the exception of the: Peak, OG BVM, Basselope, Galactic goose, Wooly Markmont, campfire, Advance scout and obviously the Yeti. I believe the orca and scout are about to be released in BBB in their next runs.

(major_seventh) #47

BBB Canvas…


I have to disagree with the BBB Canvas. Even though I have owned the best of the four (or, was it 5?) that were made, a colorway does not count. It has to be the yo-yo itself.

I would have to say that the Ti Walker is the holy grail for all collectors. A peak is great - but again, it does seem to depend on how it is painted.

The Ti Walker, however, is sought after by everyone who knows anything about yo-yo’s. It is literally why we buy yo-yo’s. That first throw out of the box was a feeling that I still look for when I try any new throw. It was like the clouds parted and the angels sang…

The Draupnir was the closest I have come to that magical feeling. But I am older, and more jaded now. Without that precious yo-yo innocence, I fear that feeling is forever lost.


I am realistically searching for Grind Mutant 2. I have already acquired the Grind Mutant.


Curious to see if anyone thinks this list should change. I personally don’t think so in terms of these models’ collectibility, but I really don’t know how many people are still looking for two of those top 3…

(Nathan) #51

I would add the Grail by A-rt definitely. I see that a lot on these forums.


You sure you don’t won’t to sell/trade on of those sovereign’s? This has been my unicorn for a while now.


Pretty sure torrent should be #1


Matt Wright bought the last few I believe if you want one I might msg him on insta @yoyobrothers


I seriously wonder (in doubt) if more than just a handful of people are looking for any of these throws. That’s just my impression.

(Victorian YoYos) #59

First run gold Chief
First run gold Orca
OD project (not anniversary), wooly markmont
TP mustang
CLYW AC jackrabbit
Clyw Black Bip Bop (most yo-yos)
My yo-yo :slight_smile:
There are definitely others, they just aren’t coming to mind right now.


I understand your point I think. Many everyday casual players aren’t looking for these. I think though the question is geared towards collectors. That list was made by @mrciurleo in 2015. I would say that possibly the Grail would be on the list to fit the “player wanted” throw. If that makes sense lol.


I was actually replying to Matt’s recent post from December '18:

Looking through the older posts it did seem like there was a more active collector base in the past. Or has it always been a bunch of collectors and mostly casual players?


I would say there’s definitely less collectors nowadays. At least for the more “vintage” stuff. I think they’ve been replaced by G2/SF/A-RT collectors but even then I would say there’s definitely less active die hard collectors nowadays.


I think there are probably just as many collectors, what they collect just evolves as you state.