What's the most sought after yoyo?


There are plenty of rares, but what are truly the five most sought after? Clearly the OG Peak and Torrent are up there but what else?


I’d have to say the Ti Walker takes one of the top spots.


Agreed. What about the sovereign?


Definitely not as much as the Ti Walker. I also wouldn’t put it in the top 5.


Anti-yo used to go for a lot.


Peaks(seem to have dropped recently)
Ti Walker
OG Torrent
Oxy titaniums
Pretty much any titanium excluding the Anti Yo BSP
Anti Yo is only sought after by a certain few
Bassalopes(you never see em)

I’m sure I missed something :smiley:

(Trickster) #7

maybe one of the captain america chiefs.


I believe the General Yo USA Hatrick is one of the most saught after, and sells for pretty mental prices.


Depends on your definition of “sought after”.

There aren’t a ton of people that collect Playmaxx/Proyo stuff but there are a number of throws that would probably make the average CLYW “collector” vomit blood if they saw how much the few interested parties would be willing to pay. The same goes for old TK, Duncan and other vintage stuff that a select few are willing to pay a ton for, but the yoyoing public at large has absolutely no interest in.

Conversely, if the definition of “sought after” is simply the yoyo that the most people seem to want to own but don’t, it could be something as simple as the Yeti since despite a large number being produced relative to many metals on the market, there still seems to be a shortage.

Somewhere in the middle would be Peaks, various titanium models, the fancy rare Anti-Yos (not the new ones that nobody wants that actually play awesome), a ton of CLYW colorways of many non-Peak models, OG Torrent. Even the Draupnir at the moment. Lots of stuff.

So yeah. It depends.


Ti Walker

I have hundreds of yoyos. I have a list of a dozen people that want one of my Ti Walkers.

I don’t have a list of even 3 people that have ever asked me for any other particular yoyo.


Agreed. Took me five months of searching to find someone willing to sell.


I’ll have to agree with LinksLegionaire & yoyodoc on this one.
I can’t recall a two week period where someone has not asked me to sell a Ti-Walker.

There was a time I tried to build a list of owners like they had on YoYoNation, but nobody wanted to admit owning one because they didn’t want to deal with people asking them to sell them.

(2Sick Joey) #13

My 1/4 Speckle Wrath (Thanks Mo!)
Yeti (You would be surprised how many people ask for this thing)
Fragment (a lot of people want this)
Overdrive (I get pretty good interest on it)

Everything else I own is pretty normal haha


My thoughts exactly, it’s really “sought after by whom”? Collectors want a completely different thing than players.


I mean overall. Collectors and players alike would love to have certain throws like peaks.


There’s very little crossover there though, like you said certain things like early Peaks where they were made in small numbers by a relatively unknown company. Most collectibles aren’t great players, and visa versa.


I’d say the most sought after throws for most people are any of the ones that they don’t have in their collection yet…


Why? I’ve owned 4 in super desirable colorways and each one was equally clunky and bland to me. There’s nothing even remotely special about it to me other than it happens to be the first model CLYW produced and that it happened to be blessed with an abundance of great colorways. If the same colorways were available on other models I never would’ve owned more than 1 Peak and I would have quickly sold the 1 I owned.

In my opinion a better crossover desirable yoyo between collectible/playable would be something like a lot of the BBB CLYWs or Ti Walker (admittedly I have not thrown one) where either the colorway is extremely limited on a great player or the yoyo itself is both a great player and extremely limited. How well a yoyo plays is obviously greatly subjective but I don’t see too many people who get a Peak and say “YEAH MAN NOW THIS IS THE YOYO I REALLY NEEDED TO THROW,” so much as “cool, I finally own one”.

(major_seventh) #19

I must admit the Ti Walker I threw awhile back was unlike anything I’ve ever thrown before. If I had money to spend I’d want one lol


Ti Walker. It is the definition of “most sought after” IMHO. I think there were only 88 or so made.

How many Peaks did CLYW make? Peaks are rare when they are mint and are in a funky color scheme. Ti Walkers are just rare - and they are among the best yo-yo’s ever made.

That said, my BBB Canvas has changed hands a few times and the prices are just … I never should have sold it :’(