Most elusive yoyo


What do you guys think is the most desired, but difficult to find throw going around right now. I feel like a TON of people are looking for the ZeuS on the BST, but I haven’t seen one for sale even once.
I’m sure there are many more. What do you guys think?

(M.DeV1) #2

yoyofactory C22


*elusive. Sleipnir or C22

(SR) #4

Peak, C22, General Yos and CLYW’s.


clyw snipe

(SR) #6

Oh no not this again. :stuck_out_tongue:





and i think the skywalker from what ive heard so far



1st run Peak Levi Airbrushed Teal Mountains


Ti walker or skywalker


SADR? Not sure how much people like this…


There was a sadr on sale on some other forum a day or two ago for 130 sold very quickly


Vs. Newton yoyos for sure, along with some CLYW models that have very limited colorways.


I Would say moonwalker… Serouisly, like no one has them.


I just saw one of those up on the bst. But they want either a titanium or offers over $300. I won’t be getting it. :stuck_out_tongue:




if you are reffering to either heaths, or qazwaxman, those are the only two i have EVER seen.


any of b!st’s mods.

Other than that I’d also say the moonwalker

(Alex Fairhurst) #20

I’ve only seen 1 c22 on the BST in the last year and a half I’ve been yoyoing. Maybe 2.