If you culd choose any yoyos under 200, wich wuld you choose?


Im just wondering:)


I would like another chief perhaps.


Wait for the puffin !


The next.big yoyo to come out.
I have the ones I’ve wanted so far.


OD dietz


Any of YYR’s fine selection. Another stargazer would be awesome. or a gleipner. or a sleipner. or a dreadnoughtG. or a Z-on. or a Clash.


If wee could only choose one probably a Berserker

although for 3a i would choose a pair of yeah3’s


Too many to list.

Just going real fast off stuff I want to get or will get:

YYJ Next Level and maybe a Karma
sOMEThING ANgle. I’ve played the Anglam, I OWN the Anglam. I also have a Firmy. I’m convinced on this brand.
Any CLYW I don’t have, which would be a LB Bassalope, the new Avalanche, maybe a newer BVM and Gnarwal, the Puffin for sure, a heavier 1st Run Chief, and a 1st and 3 run Peak.
Any OD I don’t already have. Looking for a Project, Project2, Y-Factor and Dingo for sure. I doubt a Sovereign is gonna go for under $200.

I have some YYR’s in the targets: Sleipnir, Clash, Dreadnought(eyeing a deal right now). Getting a Diffusion on order next week.

Werrd Irony or Irony JP

Really want a Mionkey Finger Design Evil-Yo.

Got several C3’s I’m interested in: Winning Bird, Beserker, Dark Star, Trident

Top wants from YYF, but need to be played first are the Genesis(+ perhaps?), G5 and maybe an MVP2

I have a LOT of items I am interested in under $100, so I won’t list them.


please don’t ask me what throws i want. i’ll have to take some kind of depressant to calm my brain from over thinking.

a whole lot. just leave it at that.


You can just slam your head repeatedly into a table or other firm surface repeatedly until the anxiety goes away. While cheaper, I’m not sure if it’s the better solution.


turning point ax


Either a Turning Point Positron, a YYR DreadnoughtG or a YYR Z-On.



Avante Grande 2 it looks so cool


I already have it but if I was stuck with only one yoyo under $200 it would be the Spyy El Ranchero.


Eyeing up a Ronin when I can justify spending the cash again.

(SR) #16



There’s one on the BST for $65 right now