What Would Your Yoyo of Choice Be If Money Wasn't an Object


Hi everyone!

This is my first thread and since I couldn’t find any topics similar to that which I’m pondering I started a new one.
I just want to know, if you could pick any yoyo regardless of money, what would you pick?
I’m not asking because I’m looking to buy a yoyo; but because I want to know what you guys think :slight_smile:

Thanks In Advance!


The best yoyo that happens to be (justifiably) expensive is the Ti5 by 3YO3, retailing for $345. I have one and honestly I like to brag about it. :slight_smile:

Also, the Anglam by Hiroyuki Suzuki looks pretty sweet and costs $280 I believe. I’d love one of those.

A lot of the newer YoYoJoker stuff is pricey, all of it looks nice.

(SR) #3

CLYW Chief, Code 2, or Cascade.

(Kei) #4

Every single C3yoyodesign yoyo


Comeback Avalanche


I would love to get a Ti.


Me too Ghost’, YYE Facebook announced the Oxy Tis will be coming back soon.


Well I have it already… One Drop Sov…


Yes. I have seen his, and it is a beauty, for sure.

(YoYo_Freak) #10

But if I had to pick just one, it would be the Berserker.


Stuff I have:
The 3Yo3 TI-5. Yes, worth it.

One Drop Code 2 with disc side effects.

CLYW Chief or Arctic Circle.

Stuff I don’t have yet: Anglam, but is on the way.

Granted, I’m actually buying the stuff or have it. But, even so, with a “money is no object” being somewhat a reality, I just go make it happen…


I might want a Tom Kuhn no-jive 3n1.


If money and availability were no object, here is what I would have…

CLYW Avalanche - Jack Rabbit
One Drop Cascade - Red & Gold with Black Splash
YYF DNA Mutant - Brown with Silver Splash
Anti-Yo Bapezilla.2
C3YoYo Trident - Green & Blue with Black Splash
SPYY Ronin - Orange & Black
VS Newton Battosai

(laxdude99) #14

Spy pure gold + a koncave bearing


me too!!!


Wouldn’t mind one of the Jason Wong edition 3YO3 Ti 5s.



If I could try any yoyo, I would try the Duncan Mg. For some reason the simplicity of taking the Freehand and making it ridiculously luxurious appeals to me. Also, I would want to see if it is an actual performer, and not just a piece of magnesium.


Also, Ti Walker and Pure Gold.


Money is never really an object for me when it comes to yoyo’s, but if I had to pick the one I’d have regardless it would be the Spyy El Ranchero because I’m convinced that it’s the best yoyo out right now at any price. If my collection were pared down to one, that would be it.


That’s a pretty big call Stookie!