worried about dropping 550$ on a yoyo

Well I’m really considering getting an Oxy TI it would be my first over 100$
but I’m kinda worried about spending that much!

If you’re worried, then simply don’t do it. $500 is a lot of money, and it won’t really blow any of your aluminum yoyos out of the water. I’d rather get 1 $100 yoyo, and save the rest.

I’d rather spend that $500 on 5 different metals. More to play with. The TI is just a novelty.
The Soverign is the only TI that is reasonable in price compared to the rest.

so, it’s not like it plays better than the others

Correct. Itll just play differently that some people might enjoy, or it will just become a big novelty thing that some people enjoy collecting.

Here is the thing. Some people think that if it cost more it is better. Simply not true by FAR!
I have played some of the best yoyo’s and some of the worst. I’ve played with a lot of TI yoyo’s as well. The only thing different is the material. I’ve played some YYJ’s that were WAY better than some of the TI yoyo’s I’ve played.

I will say that the Sovereign is an awesome playing yoyo. But it doesn’t play better than a lot of YYF’s or YYJ’s or any other company.

I have tried one, I acually don’t like it that much. IMO. I don’t think it kills any alluminum yoyo. Like Itchus said, I would rather have 500 bucks to spend on 5 yoyos than just the oxy. It’s kinda a novelty. IMO.

Well there is actually a review here:


Yes but you do need to remember that a review is someone’s opinion. Not all opinion’s are the same. That being said Bret and Chris do know their yoyo’s.

There is NO reason to spend that much on a yo-yo for performance purposes… the main purpose of that kind of yoyo is because it’s cool. So if you have a spare $550 to just throw at it, cool… but otherwise, -not- worth the money.

As somebody who has made more titanium yo-yos than anybody in the world, I can assure you that while there are some advantages to Ti, none of them truly help enough to make the price worth it for the average player… it’s mostly worth it to collectors and people who already have the ‘normal’ stuff and want something a bit different.

You will be a lot happier with 5 aluminum yo-yos instead.

Alternatively… buy the Oxy Ti… use it for a bit… then trade it to me for a nice pile of other yo-yos. :slight_smile:


i was thinking of instead of the TI, me getting,
either punchline, hatrick, and BOSS or punchline, hatrick, and campfire.
any recommendations?

i played the ti for about an hour at worlds and i can tell you it is most certainly not worth $550. if you want to get a metal yoyo i would suggest the juggernaut, addiction, leviathan2, boss, diversion, mayhem, beysick, or nvx. they’re all very different from each other but they all stand out in my oppinion

Johnny, just pick out some yoyos that you don’t have. Most yoyos on the market today are going to be capable of all of the tricks you know and then some. Go to Advanced and just pick out some yoyos. You don’t need a recomandation. I know when I first got here, someone said that they chose yoyos on how cool they looked, and that’s kind of what I’ve started to do as well.

If it’s made over thirty dollars and on this website, it’s probably a good yoyo

Well, doesn’t even have to be over $30 to be a great yoyo, but yeah.

Just a referance point Brain.
And you are absolutely correct

The only reason I would want one is so I can spark it ;D And that is in no way worth 500+ bucks. I say get 1 metal and save the rest for new yoyos that I’m sure you’ll want to buy in the future (As will I :wink: )

If yourself this question, you shouldn’t get it. Don’t drop $550 on a yoyo unless its really worth it to you.