Could a yoyo really be worth 400+$?


I was looking around for yoyos and saw the Oxy Ti 9.06. And my heart exploded. Why so much? Why is it special? And who would pay that much for a yoyo?


It is made out of titanium. Because of hard hard/dense this metal is it takes a lot of work to machine thus making it more expensive. Also titanium is rather expensive in the first place.

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I’m just surprised yoyos with that price still have a market.


But why titanium? Does it help with spin or something?


Just a luxury, nothing else.


Why buy a BMW when you can buy a Honda? Different strokes, different folks…


Because its so strong you can have thinner walls. That allows you to add more rim weight without making the yoyo heavier thus increasing spin.

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Hehe -raises hand-


Probably because it’s exotic. The same reason Duncan made a magnesium yoyo. They figure some fool will pop for one so let’s just doit…


If you grind them on pavement it can spark and light gasoline on fire! Of course, for that price you could just cover your plastics in matches and walk the dog on sand paper and then use the excess funds to pay for the emergency room deductible.


Now see, have you ever thrown one? I have had the privilege of throwing one of Sara’s (Totalartist)'s, and I must say, it is amazing. Smoothest throw I have ever experienced, and plays magnificently. I can totally understand it costing 400$+. Now, I’m not saying I would buy one, but I can understand why you would want one, and why they cost so much.


I think what also has to do with it is bragging rights just to say you have a 400 dollar yo-yo and the other person your talking to doesn’t also has to do wit it. :wink:


Challenge Accepted!


funny and silly and pretty incorrect.

People that can buy 400 dollar yoyos are usually not the kind of people that feel compelled to brag.

A Superbly crafted yoyo like the Newest Oxy Ti, is the result of some intensive and talented design and machinework. It is ‘not’ that the yoyo is ‘worth’ that much, but rather that the cost of making the yoyo plus the mark ups necessary to justify going to the trouble, end up adding up to the ‘Final cost’ you see. Depending on your needs/expectations/plans for the yoyo/and the actual performance potential of the yoyo; 400+ bucks for a yoyo is just the price you have to come up with to end up with one in your hands.

just saying…


That’s not actually true at all.

The reason anyone in the yoyo world would have ever even considered titanium is because it has such a high strength/weight ratio. Using titanium, you can achieve shapes that just aren’t possible or practical with aluminum. Even when a model is redone in titanium, like the Skywalker, its design is changed in Ti.

Is it absolutely necessary to have this capability? Course not. But, if you’ve got $400 to spend on a yoyo why wouldn’t you want one? Besides, $150 is already totally acceptable around here for an aluminum yoyo. That is already completely ridiculous, maybe even moreso than a $400 titanium.

This kind of product exists in pretty much every community…and inevitably, the 99% of people who can’t afford or can’t get the product will trivialize and question it. But, this always misses the point for me. This kind of product is meant to be exciting. Sure, hardly anyone can afford a Ferrari, but we’d all lose a little something if that sort of product were never made simply because it’s not practical. It’s good to have a few who strive for excellence at all costs and show us what is ultimately possible even if you’ll never own it.


You’d be surprised how much yoyos can go up to. I saw someone buy an OG Peak for $1000! I own a General-Yo Magnum which is made of magnesium and since I live in Florida I have to put little packets inside the box so the heat and humidity won’t mess it up. I have yet to own a titanium yoyo, but if I ever do it will be a Ti-Walker or Sovereign or a Ti5. God Bless - Moefv


Moe, where in Florida are you? I’m a Florida resident also!

Yoyos are a weird, wonderful thing. It’s a skill item, so people will pay outrageous amounts for something that they think will improve their skill. But they’re also a collectible, so people will pay outrageous amounts in order to add to their collection. Luckily, the industry has reached a point where top of the line equipment is affordable and available. So the industry has branched out even further to appeal to the boutique buyers. Basically, rare/interesting materials and designs. Companies can’t charge premium prices for a High performance throw anymore, because high performance throws are cheap and easy to find. So they charge for yoyos made of exotic materials or yoyos that are designed in an interesting or “unique” way. And that’s understandable and respectable. Some materials are harder to work with and more expensive, and some designs are tougher to produce. Also, unique materials and designs aren’t guaranteed to sell as well as tried-and-true classics, so you have to pay for the risk that manufacturers are taking. Revolutionary doesn’t necessarily translate to profitable.


As others have mentioned, it’s partially performance, being collectible, and just being darn cool.

Performance wise, they run such small runs that each of the yoyos are extremely fine tuned. Oxygene even mentions that on their latest run of Ti’s. The Syzygy looks really awesome too. Using a denser metal to focus the weight with a ring is a pretty cool idea (fine, plastic and metal happens all this time, but this is two metals!).

Uniqueness definitely plays a roll too. You can’t just walk to Bob’s Bait and Tackle and buy a titanium yoyo. You can’t find an unresponsive ironwood yoyo with metal rim weighting on it either. The idea of it is far fetched, and that sells to some people.

I wish I had one. Do you need one? Absolutely not


I have a plastic that I see on ebay sometimes that goes for insane amounts lol, its a yomega RBII all black(the team edition) Ive thought about selling it but It was my first ever “good” throw and I got it for free from yomega for making a sponsor me tape as a child.


I live down in Miami, but I think I met you at FL States. When I went you had a Ti-Walker that everyone was trying out! God Bless - Moefv