If money was of no concern...

whats the first yoyo you would buy?


gnarduece and find me a punchline repeater (I MISS MINE SO MUCH!)

Either Space Cowboy or Genesis or Supernova

A dwophnier (drauphnir, potato if you see this)

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Nostalgia by Shinobu

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If money were no concern I’d buy two of everything and give one away. I love letting someone try a yoyo and then saying, “Keep it. I have others.”


I’d probably try to find The End first.

That or an OG Peak.

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Draupnir, Palpitation, Sovereign, Ricochet.

if money was really of no concern i would buy yye…

or a red 2014 genesis

I’d buy a Walter.

I think that’s more of a scarcity problem than a money problem for ya lol

Dazzler just to say I have a dazzler.

Palpitation, Canvas, Hyperion.

I’d have Chris make me one of everything from the CLYW line in titanium.

The black Wolly Marmot with the Hocky dude on it. I believe that series was called “Doing Stuff”

Yup. They were super cool. It’s a shame those engravings are few and far between these days.