If you had $1000, what yoyos would you get?

If you had $1000, and you could only buy yoyos, which ones would you get?

OD Titanium that will (one) drop soon… :wink:

I’d search for a Walter and Flying V.

Those are my only “wants” right now.

Zip Zap Rap Orca
Lufverk Evora
Grey bip bop orca
Ash berry scout

Isotope 2
Leviathan 6
Anglam 2
Schneider Mk-ll

Palpitation, Leviathan 6, and a few (4-5) offstrings for my brother :).

Duncan Imperial …maybe even two of them…no, now that I think about it just one

Peak, hatrick, 07 888, flying v, affogato m1, mango rally, yeti, ywet

Probably the new Anglam 2 and Leviathan 6 and a pair of Vortex(s).

$1000? That’s what I paid for my current car. So, maybe I’d get a second car :).

Leviathan 5

Even though I’ll never even come close to having $1000 to spend on yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

1. Green splash CzechPoint -$60ish
2. Doctor B/Camp Caribou Summit - $130ish
3. Any green Peak - $300-400ish??
4. Green splash ART Shout - $110ish – NC represent!

Realistically that is what I would buy, the others that I haven’t mentioned are just fillers. I’d be happy with any of those really :slight_smile:
Maybe I would try a Draupnir, but I personally think it’s a little overhyped. Maybe not, IDK, but I don’t have any want for it just yet.

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NSCo Helix
YYR Draupnir
YYF Space Cowboy
TP Levi 6

Ti walker

AntiYo, as many as I could get.

One half of the new Anglam Ti. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d find a machinist and an annodizer.

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500 $ for custom yoyos.

Yoyofactory 2hot.

Yoyofactory VKSS.

Yoyofactory space cowboy.

Clyw yeti.

One drop rally.

Art shout.

Tropic spins Finch.

Rebellion butcher.

Uuuummm I’ll tell when I remember.

I’d catch up on some older YoyoFactory models for my collection. Titanium Dream is already paid for now. So, to tell you the truth, on new releases, I’m kinda good for right now. I never thought I’d say that. :smiley:

If I had $1000, what yoyos would I get? Why would you assume that I would get yoyos? :wink:

With a $1000 I’d try to get a share/stock of part of a yoyo company. Maybe one just starting out.