What would you buy with 1000$ YYE

1.Summit (115$)
2. Cheif (130?)
3. A high end OD (100-150$)
4. An expensive nice derlin 4a (50-70$)
5. 2 unleashed (40$?)
6. A few different pads to try out (20$?)
7. A few high end strings (to try out, just to compare to my crocostrings) (40$?)
8. A TMBR (50$?)
9. 520 MFD gelada (IDK- I’d say 150$?)
10. A YYJ classic (15$?)
11 A Clyw yeti (50$? IDK)
12. An OD rally (50$?) 835

Then alot for shipping since I probably overshot allot of these prices :).

$1000 isnt enough lol

Well i dont really know prices haha.

I meant not enough to satisfy my wants lol but yea u overshot a lot of those haha

Lets see here…

  1. One Drop Valor $120 (when it drops) $120
  2. YoYoRecreation Mr. Butcher $165 $285
  3. Turning Point MaxBet $170ish $455
  4. sOMETHING Jet Set $160ish $615
  5. YoYoFactory Loop 1080s pair $36 $651
  6. C3 P-Wave $135 $786
  7. 5 packs of Toxic Thick Metz $30 $816
  8. 2 100 packs YYE Poly $26ish $842
  9. 6 Crucial Groove bearings $48 $890
  10. YoYoExpert Gold Plated bearing $15 $905
  11. 2 General-Yo AIGR bearings $40 $921
  12. 2 Irpad balls $36 $957
  13. 9 Irpads of various sizes $36 $993
  14. Shipping $6 $999

Anti-Yo Bapezilla.2

Solid Turquoise

Duncan Momentum
Blue Body W/ Black Caps

Kendama USA Classic

One Drop Code 1
Soda Nickel

One Drop Dang
Nickel Plated

One Drop Format:C

RecRev Sine//Saw

RecRev Sine//Saw

X Cube Stampede

MAX AMOUNT | YoYoExpert Trading Card Packs
Product Subtotal $994.97
Taxes: $0.00
Total: $994.97

I’m BSTing…

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This lol

Most of my throws ive gotten through BST

If I can’t use BST, onedrop is gonna love me. I’m estimating prices, too lazy to find real ones.

  1. Valor
  2. Format c
  3. Chik
  4. Benchmarks, all 3
  5. CODE 2
  6. CODE 1
  7. Chief
  8. Cliff
  9. Shutter
  10. 86400
  11. CZM4
  12. Level 6 (this should be higher on the list)

That’s off the top of my head. I probably overspent.

2,500 YYSLs

do i have to spend it all? theres not much i want. benchmark o/v and hatchet. they look great, just been putting them off since i really doubt theyll do anything special for me that another yoyo doesnt do already

Ahh, one of the great dilemmas of yoyo buying.

yeah. i tried to restrict myself to spending $500 in january. hit $900 and even that was a miracle accomplished by missing out on the puffin 2 i wanted and avoiding a laser as i hold out hope for an anodized one.

hoping to trade for the benchmarks/hatchet with stuff i dont care about at some point since im sure ill bst them in a week once i get bored. clear and black benchmarks just look so classy though…hard to resist. and the hatchet feels like stealing, they look so good for $60.

a $1000 gift card which i’d sell for $900 and with tat 900 I'd buy loads of yetis and make some profit

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100 ONE’S haha

I’d buy a yoyoexpert share and get .5% profit monthly

Pshhh…125 One drop 10 balls. I REALLY LIKE ONE DROP 10 BALLS

No I’m kidding (while I do like one drop 10 balls) I have no idea what i’d get, it takes time to add that up and I’m too lazy lol

I’m getting a free OD ten ball in a trade- i’m excited to see what its all about!

a life

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10 YYJ Classics, CLYW Yeti, sOMETHING Addiction, OD Format C, 6x100 pack kitty string, CLYW Gnarwhal, 3yo3 ti5, CLYWxOD Summit