Yo-yos you want but can't have


Write your list of yo-yos you want that are sold out or discontinued.

  1. Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1
  2. General-yo Essence
  3. One Drop CODE 2 Skygrass edition
  4. CLYW Campfire


I agree on that no-jive


You can get all of those if you try hard enough…


Oxy TI 09

(M.DeV1) #5

The yoyo in my head that is encrusted in diamonds and has a platinum finish.

(SR) #6

Well. Pretty soon I should own all of these.

CLYW Chief
CLYW Puffin
General Yo Majesty
OD Code 2

(George Wollaston) #7

Something titanium.


Ti-walker, h5, and a h5xchief.


Just about any Titanium yoyo. I’d need a job for one of those. :stuck_out_tongue: That or get rid of my Beats, but that isn’t happening.

(WildCat23) #10

Not that beats are good to begin with…


General-Yo KLR Aman anodize


And I find another one ::slight_smile:

You’ll find that audiophiles will say they’re overpriced but still good usually. Ears are different, and it’s a preference, just like yoyos.

Staying on topic, I wouldn’t mind getting me some more C3 throws such as the Berserker, or maybe a Dark Sonic.

And definitely would like to try some General-Yos.


As much as I hate Beats, nobody can say that they’re bad headphones. Because they sound just fine. The sound quality doesn’t justify the price, however.

Not to get off track, though.

Archer, I’ve got both a Ti Walker and Berserk r for sale if you’re interested. And I guarantee you won’t find a cheaper Zerker.


Anything over $100

(Jace) #15

ox4 and MG


sOMEThING Anglam :’(


Mighty flea


the gouda


freehand MG


Too many to list :-\