What yo-yos do you want to try the most?


I would say:
master galaxy

I feel so left out cause of these mainstream yo-yos that nobody has let me use


doesnt Suzuki Hiroyuki have a new one comming out???.. yea, that one!


I really want to try a magic yoyo n9!!


timcor starfire always interested me
cheif everybody loves them


Gleipnir and various YYR
I’d like to throw a Puffin some more.
I like to throw first run Ironies any chance I get.

That’s about it for now.


Probably the KLR, any CLYW throws, SPYY El Ranchero, VSNYYC Septopus, and a Sleipnir.


mainly CLYW, simply because how popular they are and i have not thrown one


Not sure right now. I’ve pretty much gotten what I want.

The new CLYW’s are gonna be “must haves” for me, so even though I have an Avalanche, I want a new one. I want the Puffin as soon as it drops.

So, stuff I’d want to try because I’m considering buying but haven’t completely made up my mind:
The new RecRev slated to come out.
YYF’s: Genesis or Genesis+, G5, MVP 2.0

YYR: Sleipnier, Clash, Dreadnought(68 grams)

YYJ Karma

Most of the other stuff is under $100 so I don’t worry about it too much. My wants/priorities change and shift. My “urgent wants” are a YYJ Next Level, YYR Diffusion, Monkey Finger Evil Yo and a Werrd Irony or Irony JP. I’m ordering the Diffusion in a week, and I’ll probably wait until Nationals for the Next Level.

Of course, I’ll be at Nationals. I’ll probably buy a YYE 24-holder and Competition Case and look to fill those up a bit more. The collection is growing and it needs safe space to expand to. So, Andre, if you’re reading this, open the booth up early, I’ll be one of your first customers!


a peak, since they don’t make them anymore.


I’d like an opportunity to try out some more YYR stuff. I like the thought behind my 67g Clash, but it’s not quite right for me.

(Owen) #11



“do, or do not. There is no try.”

I will throw all of them one day. Whether i own them or not.

(Jerrod) #13



Anything from turning point, getting a leviathan 2 should be here Monday or Tuesday :slight_smile: also anything from yyr.


The Over-Haul, Nessie, Addiction, Royale, Dark Magic II, Cascade, and the new avalanche.

I decided to buy one of these. So, after adding and removing things from my cart several times, I finally decided on the cascade. I’m really looking forward to trying it.

(Nautilus) #16

any clyw


From YYF, a Superstar-Wavelength edition or a Primo.

Any SPYY or OD. I am yet to understand why they are loved so much.


mvp 2.0


A Moonwalker, Septopus, Chief, Sleipner, Positron.


Since the beginning of the year YYF Catalyat and YYF Superstars.