That yoyo you just MUST have!


So I’ve been part of this world for a while and my collection is sizable to say the least. BUT…I find myself always drooling over a new release or some throw that catches my eye.

So I was wondering what yoyo’s are out there that you just want so bad you can’t stand it?

Right now I would love a new ti yoyo but the new Oxy is insanely priced imo.


drop bear for me at the moment :3

(George Wollaston) #3

YYJ Phenom. Hoping to pick it up/try it at worlds.



(Alex Fairhurst) #5

YYR Blink. I heard it’s like a YYR Gnarwhal pretty much. And the Gnarwhal is the best yoyo ever.

(YoYo_Freak) #6



I think the YYJ Next Level and the acid washed blue and blue Phenoms are what I am aiming for, as well as the Nessie when it drops.




At the moment none actually, I’ve got a Drop Bear coming in the mail and nothing else really strikes me as essential. I would like a second flying hut though.


For me right now it’s a peak. I really want to throw a 1st or 3rd run. I’ve only thrown 1 peak before and it was a 2nd run.


A code 2 and/or a yyj inspire. (has that been released yet?)


Chief or Skywalker


S.Kon Card, Ti-Walker, Sovereign, Magnum, Bassalope. I can dream right?


Code 2 and 2012 genisis.


Today, my yoyo needs were met when I came home to my SPYY Pro waiting for me in the mail. I’ve wanted one of these for so long and I kept putting off ordering one because of other yo-yos. I decided to take the plunge and order one when the National YoYo Day sale was going on. So far it’s the best playing SPYY yoyo, next to the Addiction 2, I have ever played. Gotta love SPYY!!


I would def say the Artic Circle is at the top of my want list. I love Cls and I cant wait to get my hands on the AC!


I want an AC also. But my main wants right now are a chief, drop bear, gelada, and wet whistle.


any one of the CLYW, im drooling over all the models they have, and if i could just have one, my life would be complete, XD jkjk


Drop Bear is awesome. You won’t regret it.


Any Bip Bop CLYW. AWESOME anno!

The OD Cascade looks cool.