What exactly makes them so special? These yoyos go for ridiculous prices on the BST, but half of them are noted as having vibe in the description. What gives? Do they just play awesome? Is it because they were produced in such small quanities, or that VSNYYC was really good at hyping them? I need answers!

I’m also looking to buy one at a good price, so I’m trying to get info.

Sorry if this topic is taboo mods


No. There’s plenty of Sky Walkers out there.

Hype is a big one. They’re also really good players.

I didn’t like mine, but everyone else seems to think they are good players. People also liked Heath and thought he was designing the new CLYW.

There are plenty of other yoyos out there that play good, and have hype. Not many of them go for 160 or more routinely.

Mines perfectly smooth, and a good player.
I never play it though.

There was a time not that long ago, maybe 6-8 months and back, when they were fairly rare. There had only been 2 releases up to that point and both of those sold out instantly. Since then there have been at least 3 more releases which saturated the market a little more. The high end, small maker market seems to have also grown immensely in that time, taking some of the focus away from the Skywalker. I think true market price now is closer to $120 on a good one, and maybe $140 or so for a more desirable colorway like Yo-Duh in near mint or mint condition.

But, it is and was a very great player. Hype certainly had something to do with it, but that hype didn’t come from nothing. There were some vibe issue in the first run but it wasn’t common to every yoyo in the line.

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idk, but after what he did I don’t support him or his yoyo’s. Even if he did eventually donate how much he should have and left gracefully, he still did something very despicable. Using ‘Cancer Charity Money’ for ANY reason other than CHARITY is no good, and a felony. There’s no debating what he did. The only reason I bring this up, is as a reminder.

I do think the yoyo’s he produced had very nice colorways.

I don’t like how some people’s avatars are still VSNYYC.

I think of it like music, I dont like Michael Jackson as a person, but I like his music. Same goes with Heath, what he did was wrong, no need to beat a dead horse. And I think his colorways are very cool, that perfume cloud, and others are very cool indeed.


Anybody else have any ideas?

Hype? There’s no mystery. They play just OK, and honestly aren’t even that expensive on the B/S/T anymore.

you just need to let. that. die.

I need to let that die? It’s the first time I’ve ever brought it up. I don’t go around stark mad into every single VSNYYC thread and condemn the owner. You need to accept what happened, and the fact that it’s still going to upset some people. I wasn’t even involved and it bothers me.

I brought it up as a reminder. It should not die, and it should be remembered. The sooner people forget that theft and deception occur, the sooner it happens again. You don’t steal $3,000+ in CHARITY money and let it be forgotten…Even if it was made right.

I didn’t, and still don’t want to debate this, so I’d prefer if it was left at that. Please don’t tell me not to bring it up or make it less than it was. If it doesn’t affect you, fine so be it, let it be then and move on, I wouldn’t expect a young teenager to fully grasp the situation. I’m just informing someone who was in the dark about the companies product, and figured I’d shed light for him. I wouldn’t want to be caught in public using a throw that supported theft. End of story.

On a completely unrelated note, I like your signature