Vs. Newton collection


Not gonna lie. I miss 'em. Here’s the current collection:


That is a very nice collection you’ve got there. I sorta wish they were still around, too, but I wasn’t around when all that stuff happened with the “charity” fund raising. I really like my battosai though, one of the only smaller yoyos that I like playongmwith for a long time.


One of one SkyWalker anodized by Jason Wong.


Holy wow! Beautiful!


You got some real nice ones there :wink:

Definitely regret passing on numerous chances at a reasonably priced Ti Walker over the years, doubt I’ll ever own one now.


Was able to track down another Septopus. Love this:


Not gonna lie; everyone who plays Heaths yoyos deserves a solid whack over the head with a bat.

Plenty of other mediocre yoyos out there. Some that didn’t involve any lying, stealing, or misappropriation of funds from cancer charities at all.

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Mikers coming for all y’all.



To each his own. I think we can all agree what Heath did was wrong.

That being said, there’s nothing mediocre about the TiWalker.




Does that mean I can’t ride in a VW Beetle anymore?

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The yoyos did nothing wrong. A skywalker didnt steal money, a battosai didn’t lie to the donors, etc.

Also they’re really good quality throws. Just because you hate Heath doesn’t mean he made bad yoyos. I would go so far as to say that’s the only thing he did right.


I don’t remember some dictators made a fine car.

True that the yoyo did nothing wrong, but I think it is only fair for someone to hate them.


Gorgeous collection! I really like how you’re displaying it, as well.


…yes… the stupids only!

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I love these. They will stand up to any of my other throws


Any idea what happened to the ‘charity’ yoyos? I remember I hubstacked 5 or 6 for him so he could sell them off for charity.


As far as I remember everything was finally sold Chris. I can’t recall details about individual yoyos though. There is a thread here and on yyn that discusses it all at length. Let me know if you can’t find them and I’ll take a look. Good to see you post!


Thanks! Found the thread. Really makes me mad and sad at the same time. The main reason I did it was because my sister had gone through breast cancer. Now we’ve found out a couple of weeks ago that my wife has breast cancer.

Anyway, found a few pictures on my photobucket account.


Wow. Your mods are so incredible. Those look killer.

And I’m so sorry to hear about your wife. She’ll be in my thoughts.