Someone please elaborate?


I am so uninformed…what happened with Vs. Newton Yoyo Concepts???

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There’s a huge thread on it. Read up.


Heath always had sketchy bst feedback, slow shipping, etc. An issue was the Happy Tree battosais, with shipping issues. The Works eBay auction yoyos proceeds were supposed to go to the American Cancer Society. There were 2 works projects. Heath was confronted to show the receipts for the works donations which he claimed to have donated, but did nothing, and made excuses. He gets called out, and everyone is mad. He shows a receipt for about 1/4 of the proceeds, and the he comes clean, apologizes, and says he will try to donate ASAP. He gets a loan from Mom, and donates. Everyone is happy, but still mad at Heath. Someone asks to see the Happy Tree donations, whic were supposed to be made a long time again. Heath goes and donates the money. Heath apologizes again.

To recap

Bad bst deals
Happy Tree battosais donation issue
Works ACS donations issues

Heath makes all the donations after loan from mom.


ok guys lets not start this thread again so lets not give opinions

so now for the story,

Once upon a time a man named Heath Vizer made the compant VsNewtonYoyoConcepts ,VsNyyC for short, and they made some of the most popular yoyos on the market. After his success he wanted to do some charity work and put some yoyos up to sell on ebay so he could donate the money to the ACS, American Cancer Society, or so we thought.

Then one dark day all of the money disappeared. Everyone asked where the money went and heath made excuses. He made excuse after excuse but never sent the money. Eventually everyone lost hope and began to believe that heath ran with the money. Now nobody believes that VsNyyC is a legitimate company and that heath is a crook. The End sorry if i missed anything.

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There’s already a couple of threads on this, one very detailed.

Here’s the main one: