Vs. Newton Legal Action



If you donated or purchased a yoyo in conjunction with the Vs. Newton American Cancer Society charity auction and are interested in getting involved in the legal action being organized, please shoot me a PM with your name, email address, and what you donated and/or bought.

Here’s a summary of the events for anyone who hasn’t read the other threads:

Summary for those who haven’t read the other threads:

  1. 2 years ago Heath organized a charity auction for the American Cancer Society
  2. People donated yoyos to be anodized and auctioned for this charity - all the money raised through eBay auctions was to be donated to the ACS
  3. Instead of donating the money, Heath stole it and spent it on undisclosed personal things
  4. Heath then lied for months and months about it
  5. Heath finally admitted guilt, but in a weak and ambiguous way, after donating $1150 out of $4300 raised
  6. Heath still owes $3150 to the ACS.