Vs Newton??


Where did it go??
It just vanished from YYE!


I don’t think it’s a company anymore because of what Heath did… God Bless - Moefv


This should answer all your questions:


Oh my god. I see now. Jeeeeez!
Ok, so, Battosais are gonna go up in price or something?
I can’t believe it. Was he banned from the forums?


i was going to buy Battosai :frowning: where can i buy i searched all the yoyo sites that i knew and i couldn’t find Battosai :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


not up, down. no one wants to buy a yoyo made by a scum bag.


Let me start off by saying I like the VsNYYC products. I have a Sky Walker and a Battosai and was looking forward to future products. At the same time, finding out what happened, I am very agitated and angered by what I read. Either way, I ain’t giving up these yoyos!

First, I think what happened at YYE was a decision made for the purposes of ethics and social responsibility. While it no doubt will have some negative, I do agree with what YYE has done by removing VsNYYC from the shop.

Second, YYE was sold out of all the yoyos, best that I can recall at the time. I do know there were other products still around. Regardless of what was sold, VsNYYC got it’s money from YYE. Now, YYE was waiting to get it’s money back, in the form of selling to us, the buyers who shop the store at YYE. That’s how retail works. Hopefully, YYE’s losses are minimized here. Sometimes the cost of “doing the right thing” is a preferable cost over doing something, INCLUDING selling viable products to make money. Remember that money isn’t the only kind of costs involved.

I don’t want to say anything bad about VsNYYC. This situation really presents no alternative though. I think what has happened will have a rippled effect through the industry and as such, may result in a global non-acceptance of this brand via retail channels, forcing VsNYYC to sell direct as their only option. I feel this “banning” is justified for both ethic and moral reasons. They, VsNYYC, have created this problem for themselves only. Unfortunately, they are getting what they had coming to them.

Note: If any legitimate organization is looking to raise money for worthy causes and needs sound production, I will gladly provide my services and do so in such a manner where you won’t be wasting any money on sound production, leaving that money to hopefully go to the proper research and/or treatment and/or cause. I support cancer research, other medical research to cure diseases and other problems, organizations like St. Judes, Shiners and others, as well as for organizations that seek to prevent things like animal abuse. I’m not trying to do marketing here. My agenda is clear: I want more gigs, I want more work, but I also enjoy giving back or doing things for worthy causes. Since I am taking virtually no pay, I cannot CHEAT an organization.


Yay! I’m glad they took them off.


I guess I am too, but… I do not know. I guess I just feel for him.


He caused this problem for himself. Nothing to sympathize with.


Gustyo is selling one on the BST for dirt cheap. Check that out.


It’s sad that such an amazing quality company has gone down in flames.

Kinda glad I didn’t win his contest for the moonwalker now


hahahaha me too.


I’m in total confusion on whether I should still get Vsnyyc yoyos. I won’t buy them, but even use them.


if you like them then yes still get them. There is no way you’d still be benefitting heath unless you buy it directly from him. Its a yoyo if you like it and it brings you enjoyment then dont worry about it.


in my humble opinion I don’t think anyone won that contest.


You feel bad for a man who committed fraud on people who were donation to what was a good cause. I have to sympathy for him.


Ya, it’s not like he’s “sick”.


it just makes me think of how yomega was seemingly black listed after worlds, which pales in comparison to this current situation.


What Yomega did was a little irresponsible and not in the spirit of the yoyo community. What Heath did was a felony.