Vs Newton's Collaborative Mods

(Chris Allen) #1

Vs Newton’s Collaborative Mods

As part of Heaths action plan to come clean and make good on his accounts, he sent me the four yoyos that were modded for charity.

These 4 skywalkers were modded by yoyo pros, but I am not familiar with the original plan from there.

Casey Moss modded Skywalker
Landon Balk modded Skywalker
Kyle Weems modded Skywalker
Chris Rice modded Skywalker.

So my question to you guys, the yoyo community, is…
What do I do with these?

  • I could auction them and give the proceeds to a Charity (Which one?)

  • I could add them to Operation Green Triangle Charity Drive (Three Cancer Charities)

  • I could donate them to the National Yo-Yo Museum

  • I could send them to the modders who modded them

I could do something else with them, but those are the four ideas that come to mind

Let me know what you guys think. I would like this to be a community decision


I say that they should go towards helping out the charity that Heath messed up with.




Definitely charity, that’s what they were meant for anyway.




Charity. I say sell for operation green triangle with ACS set to receive funds.



(Chris Allen) #8

those that said Charity, which one and part of OGTyoyo or not?


I say let the modders decide what to do their respective yoyos but they’re all pretty standup guys and I doubt they’d have an issue auctioning them off for charity.





OGT! God Bless - Moefv

(Owen) #12



Definitely #ogtyoyo

(laxdude99) #14

3 to ogt and 1 to the national yoyo museum,


#ogtyoyo for sure!




As long as the modern are cool with it I say Operation Green Triangle is the way to go.

(G2 Jake) #18

It says they were modded for charity, which charity were they specifically supposed to go to?

It sounds like ebay, then donating to ACS to me.




As one of the modders, I vote charity auction… don’t really care how or for which charity.

The whole reason we dedicated time to it (and mine took 6 months to complete) was for a good cause, I’d like to see it end up that way.

If they need any touch up after all this time I’d be happy to do that as well.